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Best to Travel

The months that visits are feasible are the austral summer months of November to March, when daily temperatures average from 25 to 45F.

Time difference

GMT -3 hours

Health requirements

Yellow fever certificate required if arriving from an infected area

Connections Worldwide Journeys

A&K's 2015 Connections Journeys

Classic Antarctica

Classic Antarctica 2015 - 16

Cruise the whale-rich waters of the Drake Passage to the remote coastlines of the Antarctic Peninsula and shorelines teeming with penguins, seals and all manner of seabird. Read more ...


South Georgia and Falklands 2016 - 17

Group Zodiac excursions with expert lecturer/guides. A&K cocktail reception. One night in Buenos Aires. Onboard lectures and activities. Read more ...

South Georgia and Falklands

South Georgia and Falklands 2015 - 16

Group Zodiac excursions with expert lecturer/guides. A&K cocktail reception. One night in Buenos Aires. Onboard lectures and activities. Read more ...

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Antarctica, the world's most remote and final frontier, remains a remarkably unknown and mystifying attraction for explorers and intrepid travellers alike - and A&K continues to set the standard for travel to the White Continent.

Unique itineraries

With the input and advice of experienced captains and field staff, A&K has developed a diverse series of itineraries in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands, all designed to show the best these spectacular destinations have to offer. The programmes also remain flexible in order to take advantage of changing conditions and seasonal wildlife sightings. Combining pre-planning know-how from A&K's Melbourne office, around-the-clock support from ground offices in Argentina and Chile and on-board expertise by A&K staff ensures the ideal expedition experience to Antarctica.

Classic Antarctica

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South Georgia and Falklands

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Experience and safety

Abercrombie & Kent has been operating expedition cruises to Antarctica since 1992 (with more than 150 successful and safely operated voyages) and is amongst the longest functioning Antarctic operator. In addition A&K is a long-standing full member of IAATO and operates in full compliance of all IAATO, Antarctica Treaty, IMO and SOLAS requirements for tourist operations. A&K's Antarctica operations exceed all environmental protocols of operation as set by IAATO, the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Antarctic Treaty Party nations. Simply put, A&K operates in keeping with the adage: "Take only photographs; leave only footprints."

Who visits Antarctica?

Though high levels of physical exertion or fitness are not required, this is not a passive destination. Remote, pristine and still little visited, Antarctica by its very nature lends itself to a hands-on exploration such as A&K offers. Unpredictable weather, wildlife and ice conditions dictate daily manoeuvres but the journey is made with a group of energetic, like-minded fellow adventurers, led by veteran lecturer/guides on expeditions that bring this incredible destination within reach.

How cold is it?

In Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, the only months that visits are feasible are the austral summer months. At this time of the year, daily Antarctic temperatures average from 3 to 8C° and may climb as high as 10C° on the more northerly islands. Wind-chill is as important as temperature in its effect on the visitor. The continent's ice cover and gravitational forces conspire to produce a type of wind unique to Antarctica - katabatic winds which may suddenly surge producing a blizzard-like effect and stop just as suddenly. Such conditions call for special clothing requirements. A&K provides each cruise passenger with a water-resistant, hooded parka especially designed for conditions in Antarctica - a lasting memento as well as practical apparel. Travellers will be provided with a recommended clothing list.

A wildlife paradise

Set against dazzling landscapes, Antarctica is home to an astonishing assortment of wildlife, largely unaffected by the presence of humans. Depending on the locations visited you may encounter the following: Antarctica: seals (leopard, crabeater, fur, elephant and Weddell); whales (orca, humpback and minke); penguins (chinstrap, Adelie and gentoo); birds (wandering and other albatross species, snow, pintado and Antarctic petrels, skuas, sheathbills, Antarctic terns and blue-eyed shags). South Georgia: seals (fur and elephant); birds (king penguins and various albatross species). Falkland Islands: mammals (fur seals and dolphins); birds (upland geese, peregrine falcons, king shags, Magellanic snipe and black-browed albatross (New Island); rockhopper (New Island); gentoo and Magellanic penguins).

Best time to visit

A&K's departures will operate during the prime high season between mid December and mid January - the most comfortable period of the Antarctic year and a time when the continent is at its spectacular best. Special highlights includes:

  • Scientific research activities in full swing
  • Most active period in penguin colonies as this period covers most of the hatching and fledging of new chicks
  • Playful and active seal pups are in highest abundance
  • Ideal lighting conditions providing optimal photography
  • Increased whale watching opportunities as days longer and relatively warmer create nutrient rich environment for whales and other marine mammals
  • Christmas and New Year on South Georgia and Antarctica
  • SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE, please contact us for more details


Suggested Antarctica Accommodation Offers

Le Boreal

For those dreaming of genuine adventure Abercrombie & Kent has chartered the spacious new MV ‘Le Boreal,’ an all-balcony expedition ship for the 2012/2013 Antarctic season.

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