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Connections Worldwide Journeys

A&K's 2015 Connections Journeys

The Royal Scotsman

Luxury Rail on The Royal Scotsman

Edwardian splendour meets modern luxury. Exclusive sightseeing & breathtaking landscapes. Exceptional restaurant on rails Castles, distilleries, wildlife. Read more...


Canal & River Cruising

Discovering Europe at a relaxed pace. Beautiful landscapes. Fine food and wine. Small, intimate vessels. Read more...


Spanish Sojourn

Experience the very best of Spain on this extensive private journey. Read more...


Wonders Of Poland

Private tour of Jasna Gora Monastery. UNESCO World Heritage site of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. A&K’s Guardian Angel Service. Read more...


Portuguese Delights

Grand 18th-century European capital. Moorish walled towns and ruins. Whitewashed villages & mountaintop palaces.


Delights of the Adriatic

Medieval castles, snow-capped peaks & ancient walled cities. Cruise the Dalmatian Coast to the island of Hvar. Visit Montenegro & the medieval coastal city Kotor. Bosniam hinterlands. Read more...


Private Luxury Cruising in Croatia

Few experiences in the world match that of a cruise on the azure waters of Croatia’s Adriatic Sea. Read more...


A Tale Of 3 Cities

Travelling with A&K’s exclusive Concierge Rail Service, you will be ideally situated to make the most of your experience in Eastern Europe’s three cultural capitals. Read more...


Simply French

France is amongst the world’s most popular destinations and boasts myriad attractions including some of the world’s most famous museums, diverse and beautiful landscapes, remarkable parks and gardens, plus a wealth of historic landmarks. Read more...


Inside Italy

Discover the glorious art, architecture, food and wine of Italy’s three most celebrated cities. Read more...


Waterways of the Czars

Visit Russia’s star attractions, Moscow and St Petersburg, and take a unique cruise on the new Volga Dream II, to be launched in March 2014.

moscow, russia

Jewels of Russia

Explore cosmopolitan Moscow where Soviet-era architecture is joined by futuristic designs and the famous onion domes of St. Basil’s and Red Square are icons not to be missed.


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Europe is a treasure trove of dazzling cities and sophisticated cultures, enchanting rural scenes and sparkling coastlines: the unique heritage, history and architecture of each country promise endless fascination for discerning travellers. While choosing a destination can provide a pleasurable challenge, accommodation options are myriad - iconic establishments vie with charming country inns and seductive contemporary hotels rival the intimacy of river cruise vessels. Ensuring the perfect blend of elements for each individual is what A&K does best. 

Experience counts

A&K specialises in luxury travel for discerning guests and for nearly 20 years A&K has been delivering outstanding journeys throughout Europe. The company has three offices in the region: Cheltenham, Florence and Moscow.

A&K's Guardian Angel & Concierge Rail Service

These A&K innovations are integral elements of your holiday experience. Your 'Guardian Angel', ever-present but unobtrusive, will meet and brief you on arrival in each country and is there to assist you when the need arises. A&K's Concierge Rail Service eliminates the hard work of rail travel and offers a seamless service which leaves you free to relax and enjoy the journey. A&K's Concierge Rail Escort will show you to your seat and provide an A&K travel pack. On arrival at the destination station you will be welcomed and transferred to your hotel. A complete porterage service is provided. A&K's Concierge Rail Service is available on selected European rail sectors, when incorporated into an A&K private journey in Europe.

Choosing the best for you

The journeys in this section are designed for the independent traveller. On a private journey with A&K, guests enjoy all the signature elements which have made us the world's leading luxury travel company. Care and understanding of the guest plus insightful recommendations ensure any itinerary is perfectly matched to the traveller's needs. Our hotel, cruise ship and rail choices meet the highest standards while a broad network of A&K experts around the globe pull together to deliver an unparalleled experience to our guests with the most comfortable transport a given and expert guiding of the highest order.

Cruise Cruise

Cruising is a comfortable and convenient way to see some of the world's most exotic destinations. You only unpack once, everything you need is at your fingertips plus on board camaraderie to be enjoyed. A&K's cruises are hand selected and offer the highest standards, they often include educational elements and are sometimes expeditionary in nature.

A&K's favourites include: Waterways of the Czars and Canal & River Cruising

Solo Traveller Solo Traveller

More and more travellers are choosing to see the world on their own. Wherever you travel with A&K there's a friendly face on hand at all times from the arrival Meet & Greet to the farewell. Expert guides bring the destination to life and act as companions while round-the-clock support means your safety and security.

A&K's favourites include: Venice Simplon- Orient-Express, The Royal Scotsman and the Golden Eagle

Honeymoon Honeymoon

To help you decide on the perfect way to celebrate one of life's most important accomplishments we're making it easy by identifying journeys for that special occasion.

A&K's favourites include: Highlights of Southern Germany & Austria, Paris, Loire Valley & Bordeaux and Splendours of Sicily.

Food Food

Essential to our daily wellbeing and close to our hearts, the passion for food and cooking is ever present. The exotic flavours and ancient culinary customs found in this part of the world plus leading restaurants and traditional home cooking all fuel this fascination.

A&K's favourites include: Highlights of Southwestern France, Spanish Sojourn and Treasures of Turkey.

Wine Wine

Blessed with a climate, soil and topography that lends itself to the growing of grapes and production of wine, many European countries offer wine enthusiasts the opportunity for private tastings, encounters with wine makers and vineyard tours.

A&K's favourites include: Paris, Loire Valley & Bordeaux and Portuguese Delights

Culture Culture

Incorporating elements of cultural interest to a journey adds a fascinating perspective for any traveller. It allows a broader understanding of communities, their heritage, social patterns and inspirations and encompasses art, archaeology, music, architecture, religion and ethnic traditions.

A&K's favourites include: Jewels of RussiaTreasures of Turkey, and A Tale of Three Cities.

Tailor-Made Travel

Should one of our featured journeys not fit your requirements, A&K's Tailor-Made travel specialists are on hand to customise your journey. Years of experience in the field and time spent absorbing the precise needs of our guests, mean our specialists will work closely with you, taking into account your preferred travel times, the destinations you wish to cover, the style of accommodation sought and any financial constraints in order to craft your perfect journey.

When to Go

The Mediterranean and Adriatic coastlines and hinterlands generally have a mild winter, with magnificent sunshine during the summer (June - August). Refreshing sea breezes make sunbathing very pleasant. Heading north and away from the coast, the climate is generally continental, with hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters. The best time to travel in Europe is in spring and autumn. Avoid the European holiday season, when tourist numbers are very high.

Preferred airlines: 

We work with the best airlines to fly you to Africa and beyond.Our preferred partners are: Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qantas.
Etihad Emirates Qatar Singapore Qantas

Countries we travel to in Europe


Croatia Holidays

Croatia is a country just waiting to be explored and those that holiday in Croatia find not just a beautiful country, but one filled with thousands of years of history.  Read more...


England Holidays

From Stonehenge and Tower Bridge to Eton and Oxford, England is loaded with cherished icons of a past era.  Read more...


France Holidays

In France, holidays can offer a feast of architecture, cuisine, viniculture and art.  Read more...


Greece Holidays

The achievements of Greece sit easily alongside some of Europe's best beaches, a lively sense of pleasure and a revitalising selection of wines.  Read more...


Holidays to Slovenia

Situated alongside Croatia and therefore providing the perfect partner for a multi - centre holiday, Slovenia is a small compact country, but what is does have more than makes up for this.  Read more...


Hungary Holidays

Hungary holidays will show that the area is teeming with vibrant cities bound to impress with grand theatres, ornate palaces, chic restaurants and bustling café society.  Read more...


Ireland Holidays

Ireland is a popular tourist destination for many reasons - there are plenty of established historic traditions which are exciting and its love of Guinness is well-known.  Read more...


Italy Holidays

Extending gracefully into the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has seen the birth of empires, cradled the growth of civilisations and shaped the destinies of continents.  Read more...


Montenegro Holidays

This charming country more than makes up for its size with its astonishing diversity.  Read more...


Poland Holidays

The Jasna Gora Monastery and World Heritage-listed Wieliczka Salt Mine typify the intriguing treasures of Poland which A&K has woven into our 'Wonders of Poland' journey.  Read more...


Portugal Holidays

Portugal is a fascinating destination that blends the charm of ancient town and city centres with a selection of golden sandy beaches in the Algarve.  Read more...


Russia Holidays

The countries of Eastern Europe have traditions, cultures and customs long quarantined by politics and conflict. But today the remarkable medieval cities and charming people of Russia offer a fresh appeal.  Read more...


Scotland Holidays

Much of the beauty of Scotland's countryside is derived from the mountains, lakes and coastlines that make up the Highlands.  Read more...


Spain Holidays

Spain is not one country, but many, changing in language, culture and mood. Sample the ever changing Spain in all its glory, whilst relaxing in sumptuous surroundings.  Read more...


Turkey Holidays

Istanbul, quintessentially Eastern is at the heart of the nation, with historic Roman aqueducts, Byzantine churches, glittering Ottoman mosques and palaces on offer.  Read more...

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