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A&K's 2015 Connections Journeys

Thimphu festival

Land of the Thunder Dragon

A remote and rarely visited corner of the Himalayas. Ancient Buddhist traditions and monasteries. Walk to Tiger's Nest Monastery. Read more...


Images of Nepal

The remote mountainous nation of Nepal has a certain indescribable magic with more of the world’s highest mountains than any other country and extraordinary natural beauty complemented by friendly, smiling people, wonderful wildlife and an ancient culture. Read more...

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India Video

India & Beyond

A visit to India is a sensory adventure, its colours are dazzling and its sights many. There are spice-laden markets and places of pilgrimage, beach temples and desert forts. Its culinary traditions are legendary and its monuments number some of the world's most famous. From the high mountains of the Himalaya to the palm-lined backwaters of Kerala, the opulent palaces of Rajasthan to its incredible wildlife, A&K delivers the best of India. In the region, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka also offer fascinating attractions, intriguing cultural diversity and breathtaking natural wonders. These places work well in combination with an Indian journey or else as an individually focused holiday.  

Experience Counts

A&K specialises in luxury travel for discerning guests and for 30 years, A&K has been delivering outstanding journeys to India and the Subcontinent. The company has four offices in India and one in Sri Lanka. It can also claim the most highly-educated guides and unique Insider Access opportunities.

Choosing the best for you

The journeys in this section are all designed for the independent traveller. On a private journey with A&K, guests enjoy all the signature elements which have made us the world's leading luxury travel company. Care and understanding of the guest plus insightful recommendations ensure any itinerary is perfectly matched to the traveller's needs. Our hotel choices meet the highest standards while a broad network of A&K experts around the globe pull together to deliver an unparalleled experience to our guests on the ground with the most comfortable transport a given and expert guiding of the highest order.

Family Family

Quality time spent with family is increasingly hard to find. An A&K holiday delivers the perfect opportunity: a journey which lets children learn about the wider world in beautiful locations and parents comfortable in the knowledge that someone else is in charge.

A&K's favourites include: Royal Rajasthan, Tiger viewing in India, Backwaters of Kerala and Images of Nepal.

Honeymoon/Anniversary Honeymoon

To help you decide on the perfect way to celebrate one of life's most important accomplishments we're making it easy by identifying journeys for that special occasion.

A&K's favourites include: Splendours of Rajasthan, Enchanting Sri Lanka.

Active Active

Being active on a holiday often clears the mind letting you see the destination in a new light. Without being hard core adventure trips these journeys offer an active component be it hiking, yoga or elephant riding.

A&K's favourites include: Escape to Ananda, Land of the Thunder Dragon, Images of Nepal.

Food Food

Essential to our daily wellbeing and close to our hearts, the passion for food and cooking is ever present. The exotic flavours and ancient culinary customs found in this part of the world plus leading restaurants and traditional home cooking all fuel this fascination.

A&K's favourites include: Backwaters of Kerala, Royal Rajasthan, Hyderabad extension and Enchanting Sri Lanka.

Culture Culture

Incorporating elements of cultural interest to a journey adds a fascinating perspective for any traveller. It allows a broader understanding of communities, their heritage, social patterns and inspirations and encompasses art, archaeology, music, architecture, religion and ethnic traditions.

A&K's favourites include: Splendours of Rajasthan, Hyderabad Extension, Varanasi Extension, Enchanting Sri Lanka and Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Wildlife Wildlife

Nothing can quite match seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, be it big game or small, birds and reptiles or marine life. A&K journeys include a variety of ways to view wildlife - from the back of an elephant, on foot or in a 4WD.

A&K's favourites include: Royal Rajasthan and Wildlife Lodges in India.

Tailor-Made Travel

Should one of our featured journeys not fit your requirements, A&K's Tailor-Made travel specialists are on hand to customise your journey. Years of experience in the field and time spent absorbing the precise needs of our guests, mean our specialists will work closely with you, taking into account your preferred travel times, the destinations you wish to cover, the style of accommodation sought and any financial constraints in order to craft your perfect journey.

When to Go

Characterised by a hot, tropical climate the best time to travel to India and Sri Lanka is during the Australian summer when conditions are more temperate and humidity lower. Expect the monsoon May to September with rain generally in the morning or late afternoon. Travelling at this time shows the country in a lush new light. In the Himalayan regions to the north, travel is recommended late spring or autumn. Nepal's monsoon occurs June to September, October and November are prime months to visit.

Preferred airlines:

Singapore Airlines; Qantas.
Singapore Qantas

Countries we travel to in Indian Subcontinent


Bhutan Holidays

Bhutan holidays and trekking experiences provide a taste of a unique way of life that is protected from the influences of the 21st century.  Read more...


India Holidays

Most India holidays begin in Delhi and on a Delhi tour you will experience its teeming bazaars, battlemented Red Fort and the country's largest mosque; and New Delhi.  Read more...


Nepal Holidays

The remote mountain Kingdom of Nepal contains more of the world's highest mountains than any other country and is dominated by the soaring snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas.  Read more...


Sri Lanka Holidays

It is the land of smiles and hospitality - the natural friendliness of the Sri Lankans is yet another aspect that makes Sri Lanka holidays so special.  Read more...

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