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Connections Worldwide Journeys

A&K's 2015 Connections Journeys

Mrauk U Princess Resort, Waterfront and Birds, Mrauk U, Myanmar, T

Mysteries of Myanmar

This journey covers the major highlights of Southeast Asia’s most charming destination as it emerges from its long period of isolation. Read more...

Eastern & Oriental Malaysia

Eastern & Oriental Express

Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand by rail. Classic elegance & service. Eastern culture & cuisine with modern comforts. Group touring with English speaking guides.

Bhutan Uma Paro

Himalayan Explorer

Comfortable adventure travel. Experience Bhutan’s profound Buddhist culture. Guided walks. Witness a puja ceremony. Tiger’s Nest Monastery and Chele La Pass. Read more...

Angkor Wat Siem Reap

Temples of Angkor

Nature reclaiming ancient temples. Royal Palace Phnom Penh. Crumbling French colonial architecture. World Heritage listed Angkor. Tonle Sap lake cruise. Read more...


Highlights of China

A perfect introduction to China. The Forbidden City. The Great Wall. VIP Terracotta Warriors. Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer. Sophisticated Shanghai. Read more...


Ancient and Modern

Ultra-modern Tokyo. Imperial Palace & the Ginza. World Heritage shrines of Nikko National Park. Stay in a traditional ryokan. Volcanic hot springs. Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Kyoto. Read more...


Jewel of the Mekong

The small mountainous country of Laos is known as the land of a million elephants. It is blessed with the sleepy charm of Old Asia and is an enchanting delight. Read more...


Roof of the World

Snow-capped peaks on the Tibetan plateau. Buddhist monasteries and fortresses. Strong cultural heritage. Read more...


Vietnam Highlights

One of south-east Asia’s hottest destinations, Vietnam has it in spades and this journey includes all the highlights from north to south. Read more...


Indochina Escapade

On this delightful journey see four of Southeast Asia’s most intriguing destinations. Read more...


Cruising the Mekong

Confluence of Mekong and Yangzi. Lively riverside scenes. Colourful floating markets. Sampan cruise. Floating fish farms and villages. Read more...

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Experience Counts

A&K specialises in luxury travel for discerning guests and for over 30 years, A&K has been delivering outstanding journeys throughout the Orient. The company has eight offices in the region including three in China & Vietnam, two in Cambodia, one in Myanmar and one in Thailand and over 75 dedicated staff. A bevy of dedicated experts is on hand to deliver expertly designed holidays with nothing left to chance.

Choosing the best for you

The journeys in this section are all designed for the independent traveller. On a private journey with A&K, guests enjoy all the signature elements which have made us the world's leading luxury travel company. Care and understanding of the guest plus insightful recommendations ensure any itinerary is perfectly matched to the traveller's needs. Our hotel and cruise ship choices meet the highest standards while a broad network of A&K experts around the globe pull together to deliver an unparalleled experience to our guests on the ground with the most comfortable transport a given and expert guiding of the highest order.

Cruise Cruise

Cruising is a comfortable and convenient way to see some of the world's most exotic destinations. You only unpack once, everything you need is at your fingertips plus on board camaraderie to be enjoyed. A&K's cruises are hand selected, they often include educational elements and are sometimes expeditionary in nature.

A&K's favourites include: Myanmar in Style, Highlights of China and Cruising the Mekong.

Solo Traveller Solo Traveller

More and more travellers are choosing to see the world on their own. Wherever you travel with A&K there's a friendly face on hand at all times from the arrival Meet & Greet to the farewell. Expert guides bring the destination to life and act as companions while round-the-clock support means your safety and security.

A&K's favourites include: Myanmar in StyleHighlights of China and Eastern & Oriental Express.

Family Family

Quality time spent with family is increasingly hard to find. An A&K holiday delivers the perfect opportunity: a journey which lets children learn about the wider world in beautiful locations and parents comfortable in the knowledge that someone else is in charge.

A&K's favourites include: China - A Family Adventure.

Honeymoon Honeymoon

To help you decide on the perfect way to celebrate one of life's most important accomplishments we're making it easy by identifying journeys for that special occasion.

A&K's favourites include: Tastes of Vietnam, Kampuchean Sojourn and Jewel of the Mekong.

Active Active

Being active on a holiday often clears the mind letting you see the destination in a new light. Without being hard core adventure trips these journeys offer an active component be it hiking, snorkelling or boating.

A&K's favourites include: Sichuan Delights. Roof of the World and Jewel of the Mekong.

Food Food

Essential to our daily wellbeing and close to our hearts, the passion for food and cooking is ever present. The exotic flavours and ancient culinary customs found in this part of the world plus leading restaurants and traditional home cooking all fuel this fascination.

A&K's favourites include: Tastes of Vietnam and Japan Ancient & Modern.

Culture Culture

Incorporating elements of cultural interest to a journey adds a fascinating perspective for any traveller. It allows a broader understanding of communities, their heritage and social patterns and encompasses art, archaeology, music, architecture, religion and traditions.

A&K's favourites include: Best of Cambodia & Laos, Cultures of Yunnan,and Japan Ancient & Modern.

Tailor-Made Travel

Should one of our featured journeys not fit your requirements, A&K's Tailor-Made travel specialists are on hand to customise your journey. Years of experience in the field and time spent absorbing the precise needs of our guests, mean our specialists will work closely with you to craft your perfect journey.

When to Go

Weather patterns throughout Asia are varied. In the tropics of south-east Asia there is little seasonal temperature variation (average daily high in the 30's) with monsoon season from May to November. A vast country like China has enormous variations but in general spring (April - May) and autumn (Sept - Oct) are best.

Our partner airlines

We work with the best airlines to fly you to the Orient. Our preferred partners are:
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Countries we travel to in The Orient


Cambodia Holidays

Cambodia rarely fails to enthral. The obvious draw is the extraordinary temple complex of Angkor, the impressive legacy of the Khmer Empire and one of the most astounding sites in the world.  Read more...


China Holidays

From the bright lights of its cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong to the solitude of the Taklamakan desert or the peace of rural life, holidays to China are captivating and engrossing.  Read more...


Japan Holidays

Japan holidays offer the visitor diverse options and fresh discoveries, from scenic landscapes viewed from an outdoor hot spring to the bustling city of Tokyo lit with thousands of neon lights.  Read more...


Laos Holidays

One of Asia's most beautiful secrets is the gentle and enigmatic Laos. A land of wats and orange robed monks, Laos is tranquil and unhurried.  Read more...


Mongolia Holidays

Unspoiled, pristine, and tied to tradition, Mongolia invites the traveller to come and experience a way of life, a sense of tradition born of the earth and sky.  Read more...


Myanmar Holidays

Situated on the most westerly point of the South East Asian landmass, Myanmar is one of the most physically diverse and beautiful countries in the region, if not the world.  Read more...


Tibet Holidays

Enjoy the best Tibet holiday with our experts. Their first-hand experiences and friendily service ensure a highly personalised luxury holiday in Tibet.  Read more...


Vietnam Holidays

One of south-east Asia’s hottest destinations, Vietnam has it in spades and this journey includes all the highlights from north to south.  Read more...

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