Hotel Nikko Kanazawa

​Hotel Nikko Kanazawa is conveniently located in front of JR Kanazawa Train Station and at a height of 30-storeys is the city’s tallest building with stunning views of the charming castle town and surrounds.

Hotel Nikko Kanazawa is located on Honshu's west coast, fringed by the Sea of Japan and a backdrop of snow-capped Japanese Alps. Kanazawa, or Little Kyoto as it sometimes known due to its population of authentic working geisha, is just a 2 ½ hour shinkansen ride from Tokyo. Overlooking the city from 30 stories high, Hotel Nikko reflects the history and traditions the region is reputed for. All 254 guest rooms display archetype Japanese interiors interspersed with examples of local craftwork from Kaga-yuzen silks and ceramic art to intricate metalwork. When it comes to dining, there are eight restaurants to choose from; our favourite is Benkay, a simple sushi bar located on the 6th floor overlooking a charming courtyard garden.

Kanazawa has an abundance of places to explore and visit. We recommend a trip to Omicho Market, the largest public market in the city and well known for its outstanding seafood. From Kutani porcelain production to Kaga-Yuzen silk-dying and sewing, the city has also kept alive a number of traditional Japanese crafts. The most famous being Kanazawa gold leaf which saw a rapid rise to fame during the Meiji Period. Today, the city accounts for almost the entire national gold leaf market share, so why not learn the secrets of the trade during a hands on workshop. Other interesting attractions in the region include Kanazawa Castle Park, Nomura Samurai House and the Yuwaku and Fukatani Hot Springs.

Why we like it

  • Located on Honshu's west coast, fringed by the Sea of Japan and a backdrop of snow-capped Japanese Alps
  • Hotel Nikko is Hokuriku's tallest hotel and offers the best views of the city
  • Eight restaurants and bars leave you spoiled for choice
  • Nearby attractions include Kenrokuen Garden, the 21st century Museum of Contemporary Art and the Higashi Chaya geisha teahouse district
  • Perfect as both a summer and winter destination

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