Santa Cruz II

The new 50-cabin Santa Cruz II delivers a chic new way to explore Galapagos in style. It boast five spacious decks, modern interiors and contemporary designed cabins and suites.

Charles Darwin first documented the incredible adaptations of Galápagos wildlife which have captured imaginations ever since. The Santa Cruz II offers itineraries that keep Darwin’s legacy alive as you explore the many wonders of these unique islands.

Every day a new island reveals another opportunity for adventure. Land and water excursions take you up close to rare and unusual creatures. Meanwhile, natural beauty is all around you. As you travel by foot and by boat with the expert naturalist guides, the unforgettable experiences will begin to mount up. Follow the coastline by panga, go swimming and relax on deck as you observe this spectacular wildlife area. Cameras at the ready for marine iguana basking on the rocks, sea lions squabbling, mockingbirds and yellow warblers among the rocks, and red-footed boobies tailing the ship.

After busy days broadening your horizons, relaxation is essential. Lounge on the sundeck, browse the onboard natural history library or unwind in a hot tub. The Santa Cruz II’s crew make all guests feel completely looked after, while the vessel itself is full of comfortable and inviting spaces.

Why we like it

State-of-the-art expedition vessel perfectly equipped for Galápagos exploration

Five spacious decks offer areas for private observation, educational activities and scenic socialising

Carefully planned itineraries maximise wildlife-viewing opportunities

A client to crew ration of 3:2 ensures you’re never forgotten about or kept waiting


  • Capacity: 90 guests
  • Accommodation: 3 Darwin Suites on Panoramic Deck + 50 contemporary single, double & triple cabins
  • Length: 70m
  • Crew: 50 crew + 8 naturalist guides + 1 Cordon Bleu Gastronomy director
  • Facilities on board: glass-bottom boat, indoor & outdoor dining options, 2 lounge bars, library, 2 ocean view hot tubs and gym

Featured Santa Cruz II Journeys

Private10 days, Call for a quote
Explore the Galapagos Islands

Private10 days, Call for a quote

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