Be captivated by the vibrant culture of this West African success story where tropical beaches, colourful markets, historic fortresses and welcoming residents are all reasons to visit.

The standout success story of West Africa, Ghana is prosperous and one of the continent’s most culturally vibrant places.

While its tropical forests and rugged deserts contrast with golden beaches and fishing villages, there is a depth to the country’s culture that is exciting and worth delving into with more than 100 ethnic groups living side by side variously practicing Christian, Muslim and traditional African religions.

Festivals are an important part of the Ghanaian experience. The Ashanti people celebrate regularly with vibrant processions combining ancient rituals, storytelling, music and dance and on an A&K journey you’ll be invited behind the scenes of a festival, for a stirring cultural encounter.

Despite its vibrant art scene, ceremonial practices, rich textile traditions and beautiful natural landscapes, Ghana also has a dark history, immortalised in the string of forts which dot the coastline. These are haunting reminders of the slave trade, which saw over ten million Africans shipped across the Atlantic between the 17th and 19th centuries, but an important part of understanding modern Ghana.

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Continent Africa
Language Akan / English
Capital Accra
Population 31,113,950
Area 238,535 km2
Currency Ghanaian cedi

When to Go

The best time to travel to Ghana is from October to April, as well as July and August.

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With A&K, a journey to Ghana is handcrafted to incorporate the highlights and most favourable accommodation choices in this captivating country. Your personal guide will help really bring to life what you see, allowing you to experience its unique cultural appeal firsthand.

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