A narrow West African country sandwiched between Ghana and Benin, Togo is a cultural melting pot.

Although a relatively small country in comparison to its neighbours, Togo has a rich culture reflected in its 37 tribal ethnic groups, and a voodoo tradition which is still strong today.

It also boasts diverse landscapes from lakes and palm-fringed beaches along its 56-kilometre-long Atlantic coastline to the rolling forested hills of the interior, plus lush forests, coffee and cocoa plantations and dry savannah.

A destination for the adventurous and the curious, Togo is off the beaten track and offers captivating experiences aplenty. From its vibrant capital Lomé, renowned for its sandy beaches, shady walks and large markets, to its charming colonial towns and fishing villages, there are fetish markets to explore, pirogues to paddle and welcoming Togolese at every turn.

Festivals are an important part of any visit to Togo and they are a reflection of the diverse mix of traditions in the country. The annual Gbagba celebrates agriculture and the harvest while the annual Voodoo Festival every September honours the ancestral beliefs.

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POPULATION 8,293,924
AREA 56,785 km2
CURRENCY West African CFA Franc

When to Go

Togo is a tropical country and the best time to visit is between October and February. Rains falls May to October and the hottest months are March and April. For festivals, August and September coincide with the Gbagba and Voodoo Festivals.

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