Fascinating oasis towns, architectural delights, and exceptional Persian hospitality await on your luxury holiday through Iran.

The traditional Islamic country of Iran is celebrated for its culture, people, cuisine, and history. Home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations and a dazzling collection of World Heritage sites, a tour through this historic land promises unforgettable views and once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Marvel over the architectural delights of Isfahan, the ancient ruins of Persepolis, and the mesmerising gardens and bazaars of Shiraz. At each turn you’ll experience warm welcomes from the Iranian people, a group with tremendous pride in the history and heritage of their homeland.

At Abercrombie & Kent, we pioneer holidays that blend authenticity with luxury. Our team of experienced travel experts will guide you through gorgeous gardens and bustling bazaars, highlighting Iran’s diversity and unique beauty.

Award-winning luxury holidays in Iran

Iran boasts more than 5,000 years of history, and we are proud to bring that history to you with our selection of private group and small group tours through this stunning cultural mecca.

From stretches of arid desert to dense forest and the ever-impressive Zagros mountain range, you will enjoy beautiful views on arrival at each new destination. Those eager to tap into Iran’s history will enjoy guided tours through Tehran’s collection of museums. There, you will stand before brilliantly hand-crafted Persian rugs, ancient artefacts, and colourful pottery and ceramic handicrafts that are still central to the country’s cultural fabric.

Tour through popular Iranian destinations including the Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz, the Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd, and Susa, home to one of the oldest civilisations in Western Asia. Whether you are a budding historian or an intrepid explorer, our itineraries are fully customisable to match your wants, needs, and interests.

Your travels come with Abercrombie & Kent’s guarantee of comfort, safety, satisfaction, and refined luxury. Every hotel, excursion, and experience is carefully evaluated against our exacting standards to ensure you and your travel companions enjoy an unforgettable journey.

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Decades of in-country expertise means our Journey Designers can curate exceptional activities and experiences for you that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Piece these together as a framework for your own bespoke adventure or find them in our featured journeys.

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REGION Central Asia
POPULATION 83,992,949
AREA 1,648,000 km²
CURRENCY Iranian rial

When to Go

Travellers will enjoy comfortable temperatures perfect for cultural trips between March and May and September through November. Temperatures rise during Iran’s summer months (June to October), but visitors may prefer this time of year as crowds in major cities and sites tend to shrink. An Abercrombie & Kent representative will help you determine which time of year best suits your ideal Iranian itinerary.

More Information About A&K's Iran

Our travel experts have spent decades pioneering unique luxury holidays to Iran. We work with you to design an adventure that will educate, energize, and captivate. Guests may choose to:

  • Meander through Persepolis, one of the most important sites of the Ancient World.
  • Cross one of Isfahan’s famous bridges en route to the Armenian Quarter and onwards to the Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam mosques.
  • Discover the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism in the quaint oasis town of Yazd.
  • Stock up on saffron and other spices at the Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz.
  • And more…

Luxury hotels for discerning travellers

Although hotel selection is limited in Iran, we take care to select only those properties that offer luxurious comfort, and are accessible to food, drink, shopping, and revered cultural sites.

Transport yourself back in time during your stay at the Moshir Al-Mamalek Garden Hotel in Yasz. Located in an old garden that dates back to the Qajar Era, this property boasts iconic Iranian architecture and artwork, making it a destination in and of itself. Similarly, the Zandiyeh Hotel--found in the heart of Shiraz--is the picture of beauty, and conveniently located mere minutes from the Zand Royal Palace.

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