​Authentic and raw, Bolivia delivers genuine experiences

Authentic and raw, Bolivia delivers genuine experiences

Land-locked, Bolivia is the highest, most isolated and most rugged South American country but charmingly undeveloped and superbly beautiful. Part of the ancient Inca Empire, it was colonised by the Spanish who financed their rule through the country’s rich silver deposits but despite the colonisation, the majority of the modern population is indigenous - Aymara and Quechua speaking descendants of the Incas.

Women in striking bowler hats and brightly coloured textiles are a common sight while villagers in the countryside still tend their herds of llama and alpaca and till the fields using methods unchanged for centuries.

The landscapes are breathtaking and vary from the Andean altiplano and high altitude Lake Titicaca to the glistening salt flats and the Amazonian lowlands.

Bolivia is an adventure destination. It does not have luxury hotels and its tourism infrastructure is developing which means that getting around can be more challenging than in neighbouring countries. However, travelling through the country’s varied and stunning landscapes is also one of the most enjoyable aspects of a visit to Bolivia, and the pleasure of many places lies as much in the getting there as in the destination itself.

Best time to visit

Bolivia has diverse climatic conditions and as such can be visited year-round. The best time to visit the highland areas is April to October when temperatures are cool with the days sunny. The summer rains occur between November and March which can cause some disruption on the roads but there are fewer visitors.

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Private9 days, from AU$8,550
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Chile, Bolivia & Peru: Deserts, Lakes and Salt Plains (2018)

2018 Departures: May & Sep

Group11 days, from AU$11,895


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