The largest archipelago in the world and home to some exquisite beaches.

The tropical paradise of Bali is arguably the jewel in Indonesia's crown - and the centrepiece for many luxury holidays in Indonesia. Ubud offers a wealth of arts and crafts whilst Nusa Dua is an ideal base to explore the nearby beaches of Sanur, Legian and Kuta. Luxury hotels renowned for their exceptional service and outstanding settings are in abundance. East Bali has a hypnotic mix of religion, royal culture and architectural splendour and is often referred to as 'Old Bali'. The region is packed with villages whose way of life has changed little over the centuries, such as the closed, religious community of Tenganan - a must for every Indonesia holiday.

Bali's beguilingly beautiful and lesser-known neighbour is Lombok, where green rice terraces, intriguing temples, ancient palaces and unspoilt beaches all await exploration during your Indonesian holiday. From Lombok you can take a short boat trip to the Gili Islands, offering white sand, vivid waters and spectacular diving opportunities. The same can be said for the adjoining island of Moyo, which has a timeless quality of peace and serenity.

Best Time to Travel
Our Orient Travel experts suggest that April - October: Indonesia is located very close to the Equator which means you have 12 hours of daylight daily. It is a year round destination with the western monsoon bringing the wet season from October to April providing nice, warm temperatures and rain in the afternoon, perfect for a nap, especially with a twist of sea-breeze in the coastal areas. The eastern monsoon brings the drier weather from May to September.