Discover a sophisticated, timeless culture on a luxury tour of Japan

Avant-garde modernity is visible on the surface of Japan’s neon cities but you don’t have to look far to encounter ancient traditions, meticulous etiquette and a timeless culture woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Abercrombie & Kent’s love for the Orient began in the 1970s and has grown stronger since those pioneering journeys. A&K has more than a dozen offices across Asia, with hundreds of travel experts on the ground who are ready to turn your Japan travel dreams into unforgettable experiences. We pride ourselves on crafting journeys that take you into the heart and soul of destinations in extraordinary style and comfort.

Enjoy authentic local insight and exclusive access to people and places across Japan’s big name  highlights and hidden gems. Marvel at Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Relax in hot springs and zen gardens. Devour mouthwatering kaiseki and intensely-flavoured ramen. There’s something to captivate even the most well-travelled on an A&K journey in Japan.

Feed your cultural curiosity in Japan

Japan is as unique as it is beautiful. The archipelago of islands, known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is a rendezvous point for all things weird and wonderful. We like to think of it as a journey out of your comfort zone, in comfort!

Whether you’re looking to explore with your family, partner or on a solo adventure, Abercrombie & Kent has a journey to excite and delight. Discover Japan on luxury small group journeys, private tours, expedition cruises and exclusive private jet journeys.

A land where ancient and modern collide

There’s only one place in the world where you could visit a centuries-old temple then be served lunch by a futuristic robot. Where a tranquil Shinto shrine sits sandwiched between cloud-piercing urban skyscrapers. Where smoky ramshackle laneways can be found tucked behind neon-flickering city squares. And where ladies draped in decorative silk kimonos wait to board bullet trains. The contradictions are illuminating, exciting and inviting.

Embrace the strange

Whether you prefer a traditional tea ceremony or sipping a modern cocktail in a sky-high bar, it’s important to discover both sides of Japan’s coin. At every turn, there are mind-boggling encounters that merge fantasy with reality. Live lobsters from a vending machine.  A cafe where you can grab a coffee with an owl. Gatherings of teen tribes dressed in fantastical costumes participating in the performance art of cosplay. Observe the quirks and embrace the strange to become truly immersed in Japan’s unique culture.

Whispers of the past

Learn the history of samurai warriors and see beautifully hand forged swords. Discover the art of the Geisha and witness them darting to secret liaisons. Feel the electric energy at a sumo wrestling match - the national sport remains inextricably tied to Japan’s history, culture and religion. Visit age-old tea houses and experience chanoyu – ‘the way of tea.’ The ceremonial preparation and enjoyment of powdered green tea is a unique ritual that’s been performed since the 12th century.

Taste the regions

As you discover the regional variations and traditions of Japanese food you will come to learn you are never far from a delectable meal. Sample the delights on offer at bustling street stalls and Michelin star restaurants. Expect lots of seafood, from exotic steamed sea urchin to the more ubiquitous sashimi or sushi. Gather around a steaming hot pot with a selection of meats, vegetables and noodles to dunk in a rich consomme. Devour tempura and rice or opt for okonomiyaki - a delicious savoury pancake. Japanese cuisine celebrates fresh ingredients with flavours to match the season.

Explore the natural world

Japan may be a small, slender island but it is home to striking scenery and diverse landscapes. Volcanoes rise from the sea, crater lakes reflect the emerald green of ancient forests, rugged mountains stretch across two-thirds of the country, tropical beaches tumble into turquoise waters, and stunning zen gardens paint the country as bold and beautiful as a work of art.

Continent Asia
Language Japanese
Capital Tokyo
Population 126,476,461
Area 377,915 km²
Currency Japanese yen

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Decades of in-country expertise means our Journey Designers can curate exceptional activities and experiences for you that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Piece these together as a framework for your own bespoke adventure or find them in our featured journeys.

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Stay in traditional Japanese inns and world-class luxury hotels

Abercrombie & Kent journeys are accompanied by a handpicked selection of accommodation that will not only ensure you sleep in absolute comfort but that add to your Japanese experience. 

Shangri-La Tokyo

See the capital from a new perspective inside Shangri-La’s 37-storey skyscraper in the heart of the city. Take in panoramic views of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Skytree, the business district and downtown Tokyo. Enjoy an aperitivo at the aptly named L’Aperitivo Bar. Indulge in pampering with an extensive menu of treatments at the award-winning CHI Spa. The hotel’s design is beautiful with lavish furnishings throughout. Rooms are elegantly decorated with marble bathrooms and sensational views from every window.

Hidatei Hanaougi

Experience a traditional Japanese inn at one of the top ryokans in Takayama. Native timbers, glorious gardens and hot springs send you into deep relaxation upon arrival. Recline on plush futons set upon tatami flooring or if you wish, western beds can be provided. Sink into your room’s outdoor bath, fed by local hot springs. Enjoy a foot spa in calming surrounds or treat yourself to an in-room massage.

Japan highlights

  • Discover the juxtaposition of ancient and modern Tokyo
  • Stroll around Kanazawa’s exquisite Kenroku-en Gardens
  • Travel at phenomenal speeds on the world-famous Shinkansen train
  • Unveil the secrets of Japan’s exquisite Geisha during a dining experience in Kyoto
  • Enjoy exclusive access to a 400-year-old temple for a private tea ceremony
  • Admire the traditional farmhouses of Shirakawago

Best time to visit Japan

Japan flourishes throughout the year with three standout seasons to travel.

The peak travel season coincides with hanami – cherry blossom viewing – from late March to April. Streets, laneways, canals, parks and gardens burst with pink petals and the alluring scent of spring. Bookings for this time of year should be made well in advance.

Autumn foliage is another major drawcard from October to November. Golden ginkgo trees brighten boulevards. The indisputable king of autumn, the maple, glows in every toasty hue from city parks and mountain forests. Both spring and autumn bring mild temperatures with little rainfall and clear skies.

Japan is also beautiful in winter, where temples, gardens and towns glisten under freshly fallen snow. If you wish to hit the slopes as part of your Japanese journey, December through to March is the best time to travel.

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