Luxury Small Group Journeys - Classic Japan (2018)

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Immerse yourself in Japan's diverse culture, as you stroll a seafood market in Tokyo, stay at a ryokan (traditional inn) in Hakone, savor a foodie tour in Osaka, witness sumo wrestling in Nara, and enjoy entertainment by a geiko (geisha) in Kyoto.
2018 Luxury Small Group Journeys

Journey Overview

A&K Advantages

  • Experience the singular culture and history of Japan, from fast-paced, neon-lit Tokyo to serene, traditional Kyoto, on a journey that reveals its distinctive appeal
  •  View the exalted flowering cherry trees or sakura, which bloom every spring
  • Ride Like a Local on a bullet train along the classic stretch past majestic Mount Fuji
  • Be among the few to stay at Gôra Kadan, one of the country’s most exclusive ryokans (traditional inns)
  •  Capture the spirit of Japan through the art of the tea ceremony› Savor Kyoto’s unique cuisine and traditions during an exclusive kaiseki banquet, with entertainment by a geiko (as a geisha is called in Kyoto) and a maiko (apprentice geisha)
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