Classic Japan - A Luxury Small Group Journey (2020)

Immerse yourself in Japan’s diverse culture, as you explore Tokyo, stay at a ryokan in Hakone, savor a foodie tour in Osaka, witness sumo wrestling, and enjoy entertainment by a geiko (geisha) in Kyoto.

Journey Overview

A country of astonishing contrasts, Japan is a wonderful and varied destination. On this journey, marvel at some of the country’s most impressive gardens and glimpse magnificent mountain landscapes as you travel by bullet train. Be introduced to the ancient Samurai traditions and visit sacred Shinto shrines. Take the opportunity to appreciate Japan’s myriad arts and crafts, and meet a local artist and collector, and savour its extraordinary cuisine in local eateries, fine restaurants and street food stalls. Be amazed at a sumo wrestling bout, find respite in a classic onsen and rest up in a traditional ryokan – just a handful of Japan’s cultural highlights.

Journey Highlights

  • Experience the distinctive culture and history of Japan, from fast-paced, neon-lit Tokyo to serene, traditional Kyoto
  • View the exalted flowering cherry trees, or sakura, which bloom every spring; or opt for the red leaves of autumn
  • Ride Like a Local on a bullet train along the classic stretch past majestic Mount Fuji
  • Be among the few to stay at Gôra Kadan, one of the country’s most exclusive ryokans (traditional inns), with access made possible by A&K’s hallmark small group size.
  • Capture the spirit of Japan with the art of the tea ceremony and a sushi-making lesson
  • Savour Kyoto’s unique cuisine and traditions during an exclusive shabu-shabu dinner, with entertainment by a geiko (as a geisha is called in Kyoto) and a maiko (apprentice geisha)
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