Oman & the Emirates: The Sands of Time - A Marco Polo Journey

Celebrate the rich tapestry of history, culture and innovation that lie at the cornerstones of Oman and the UAE, two nations boasting both ultra-modern metropolises and timeless traditions.

Journey Overview

Journey Highlights

  • Discover Oman’s rich history as you explore its forts, castles and souks on a journey spanning Muscat’s coast, Wahiba Sands’ dunes and Jabal Al Akhdar’s towering peaks
  • Traverse the desert landscape by camel back and enjoy traditional Bedouin hospitality in an overnight camp set beneath the stars
  • Marvel at the soaring walls and towers of Nizwa Fort and Jabrin Castle, imposing testaments to Oman’s enduring legacy of trade
  • Take in the majesty of Abu Dhabi’s crowning architectural jewel, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Gain insight into an integral part of the Emirati’s heritage at Abu Dhabi’s Falcon Hospital and Museum
  • Enjoy 360-degree views of Dubai’s skyline from the observation deck of the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa
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