Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival- An A&K Hosted Journey (2018)

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4 - 15 OCT 2018
Hosted Small Group Journeys

  • The Orient, Mongolia
  • 12 days, from AU$13,895
  • 13,895pts
  • 18 Guests

Journey Highlights

One of the last travel frontiers, Mongolia is vast, remote and strikingly beautiful. Nomads still eke out a living on the steppe as they have for centuries passing down from generation to generation age-old practices of horsemanship, herding and hunting. On this rare visit we spend two days at the thrilling Golden Eagle Festival in the far west of the country where Kazakh horsemen demonstrate their skills with the prized golden eagle in fierce competition. You’ll be honoured by the Mongol hospitality, bed down in a traditional ger, marvel at Buddhist monasteries and explore some of the wildest landscapes on the planet.

Journey Highlights: 

  • An intimate group size of no more than 18 guests
  • Accommodation in a traditional Mongolian ger
  • Sand dunes and ancient petroglyphs
  • Hike through rugged canyons and gorges, ride a Bactrian camel
  • See populations of the wild Mongolian horse in its natural habitat
  • Two days of spectacular celebrations and events at the Golden Eagle Festival
  • A private encounter with a Golden Eagle hunter

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