North Pole Expedition Cruise: The Ultimate Frontier (2024)

Embark on the ultimate expedition to an Arctic frontier like no other.

Journey Overview

Embark on the ultimate expedition to an Arctic frontier like no other. On this, our inaugural expedition to the North Pole, you’ll explore in comfort aboard the innovative new icebreaker, ‘Le Commandant Charcot,’ as A&K’s award-winning team leads the way. Cruise ever northward into a seldom-seen realm of sea ice, your Captain charting a course to the geographic North Pole as you enjoy a wealth of enriching programs and luxurious amenities on board.

Journey Highlights

  • Embark on a quest for the grail of Arctic exploration, the geographic North Pole, as your Captain and Expedition Team chart a course through the sea ice
  • Cruise in luxury aboard ‘Le Commandant Charcot,’ one of the world’s most advanced and eco-friendly polar expedition vessels
  • Delve into a wealth of enriching onboard programs, scientific workshops and wellness opportunities
  • Explore the marginal ice zone, home to seal, whale, seabirds and the elusive polar bear
  • Dive right into the Arctic adventure with opportunities to hike, kayak or take an invigorating polar plunge
  • Celebrate the culmination of your expedition with a Champagne toast at 90° North

Your Host

Fernando Barroso de Oliveira, A&K Chairman’s Ambassador

As the Chairman’s Ambassador, Fernando hosts your cruise with his own special brand of joie de vivre. A natural raconteur who’s fluent in seven languages, his instinctive rapport and boundless enthusiasm for exploration and discovery are a delight to experience. Fernando has cruised the world over decades in travel, forging lasting connections with every place he’s gone and every person he’s travelled with — and he looks forward to doing the same with you.

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