Saudi Arabia: Desert Kingdoms – A Limited Edition Small Group Journey (2023/24)

The birthplace and spiritual home of Islam, Saudi Arabia is rich in attractions and stirring symbolism.

Journey Overview

The birthplace and spiritual home of Islam, Saudi Arabia is a mysterious desert kingdom that has been closed to much of the outside world until recently. On this journey you’ll discover the hidden delights of uncharted territory on an exclusive glimpse at a realm veiled in secrecy. Encounter the carved temples of Hegra, known as the second Petra, and stand in awe of the sophisticated rock art of Jubbah, some of the kingdom’s greatest pre-Islamic treasures. Explore fascinating Riyadh, a showpiece for modern Saudi Arabia, while the World Heritage coral architecture of Jeddah reveals a bustling pilgrim port on the glistening Red Sea. From the capital’s lively centre to the mud-brick village of AlUla, rock art galleries and contemporary museums, Saudi Arabia conceals a host of architectural and ancient icons.

Journey Highlights

  • Explore the mysterious mountain and desert landscapes of AlUla, and the surrounding breathtaking sites including Hegra, Al Ragasat and Elephant Rock
  • Visit ancient monuments and wonders, including Jeddah’s ‘Floating Mosque’
  • Attend a special guest lecture by an esteemed local expert
  • Be immersed in the local language with a Thamudic script demonstration
  • Savour Saudi hospitality as you sit down to a traditional lunch at a local farm
  • Witness a captivating demonstration of Saudi dance alongside a flavourful farewell dinner
  • Typically features a small group size of 10–12 guests

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