Virtual Tour of our 2016 Hot List

Virtual Tour of our 2016 Hot List
December 2015
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To help bring our 2016 Hot List to life, we've created some inspiring videos to take you on a virtual tour of each destination's highlights.

Discover our ten Hot List destinations for 2016 in a nutshell:

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Inspired? We've created individual videos for each of our ten destinations:

At the top of the world, the Arctic region comprises an expanse of ocean bounded by volcanic islands and fjords studded with glaciers. There are Inuit villages, Norse ruins and rare wildlife. The best way to explore is on board the all-suite ‘Le Boreal’ as she charts a course in the wake of the great Vikings.

Remote, yes. Home to the fictional ‘Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency’, yes and thanks to a low volume tourism policy Botswana also remains blissfully unspoiled.

Central Asia
Technically comprising five countries – Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan - this region is colloquially known as ‘the Stans’ and should be visited now.


A newfound economic stability and a wealth of largely undiscovered natural and cultural treasures make Colombia the next place to visit in Latin America.

Mysterious and incredibly diverse, Ethiopia has a rich history, jaw-dropping landscapes, unique wildlife and an extraordinary tribal heritage.

Mexico - ancient Mayan and Aztec archaeological ruins aplenty, charming colonial architecture in all the colours of the rainbow, dense jungles, beautiful haciendas, richly decorated dancers, colourful markets and vibrant festivals.

Sitting on the borderline between east and west, Montenegro is at last venturing out of the shadows of its busier neighbour Croatia. Wild, beautiful and unspoiled, the country boasts exquisitely preserved towns, ancient fortified Venetian settlements, dramatic mountains, pristine beaches, simple stone villages and Baroque churches.

New Zealand
As an outdoor adventure destination it has activity aplenty from hiking, skiing and off-road driving to bungee jumping, river rafting and more. For the more sedate there are world class galleries, museums, outstanding shopping and some of the most luxurious lodges on the planet.

Oman is one of the oldest civilisations in the Arabian Peninsula and one of the region’s most surprising and unspoiled destinations. There are wild wadis, an untouched coastline, spectacular deserts, 16th century forts and dramatic mountain scenery as well as a fascinating ancient heritage, stunning accommodation and year-round sunshine.


Portugal’s whitewashed villages, mountaintop palaces and Moorish walled towns make it an enchanting destination. It is also blessed with a rich history, magical Mediterranean landscapes, delicious food and earthy wines and it’s far less travelled than its neighbour to the east.

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