Geoffrey Kent's Top Picks for Where to Go in 2016

Geoffrey Kent's Top Picks for Where to Go in 2016
February 2016
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I have travelled around the globe and personally consulted with A&K experts in our 52 offices to come up with recommendations for the essential travel destinations in the coming year. Each locale offers adventure and authentic cultural interactions. From a private people-to-people journey in Cuba to a Patagonian adventure through rugged landscapes, these are experiences that will change the way you look at the world, and I am excited to welcome you on a journey to experience them firsthand.

Happy travels,

Geoffrey Kent
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Abercrombie & Kent

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Southern Africa

It's a great time to visit the pristine African wilderness. Consider a trip to Botswana, with the reopening of award-winning Sanctuary Chief's Camp and a special celebratory departure with A&K USA's President Phil Otterson on July 11. Marvel at the "rainbow nation" of South Africa, with its game-rich parks and breathtakingly varied terrain.

Botswana Safari in Style
Days: 10 | From: US$7,995

Southern Africa Safari by River & Rail
Days: 13 | From: US$11,995


Go off the grid on a Patagonian adventure, seeing majestic mountains, glaciers and mirror-like lakes. Visit a working ranch, stroll among Magellan penguins, explore rugged Torres del Paine and sail past icebergs and glaciers on Lago Argentino.

New! Patagonia: The Last Wilderness
Days: 11 | From: US$8,795

Wonders of South America
Days: 16 | From: AU$15,450

Spain & Portugal

Experience two complementary cultures on a journey combining northern and southern Spain with neighboring Portugal. Take part in a private tile-painting workshop in Lisbon, savor tapas in Madrid and stay at a hotel designed by master architect Frank Gehry, set amid vineyard-covered hills en route to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

New! Spain & Portugal: A Journey Across Iberia
Days: 14 | From: US$9,395


See this fascinating island nation - long off limits to U.S. travellers - before everything changes. Get to know its people and culture intimately, in the company of a small group during a Connections journey.

Cuba: People to People
Days: 10 | From: US$6,695

Cuba: Across the Island: People to People
Days: 13 | From: US$7,995

Wings Over the World

I'm thrilled to introduce a new portfolio of luxury journeys - Wings Over the World. Featuring small, privately chartered flights, these departures infuse travels with the ease and elegance of a bygone era. Whether you are visiting the Great Wall or the Taj Mahal, you'll enjoy five-star accommodations and the expertise of an A&K Resident Tour Director®.

New! Wings over India

Days: 15 | US$28,995 per person

New! Wings Over Indochina
Days: 16 | US$29,995 per person

New! Wings Over China
Days: 12 | US$27,995 per person

Contact us for more information.


My experiences in this kaleidoscopic country have always been larger-than-life, and I urge you to discover India's ancient wonders and vibrant culture for yourself. As you explore its treasures - from the timeless Taj Mahal to the elusive Bengal tiger and holy rites beside the Ganges - stay in royal palaces-turned-luxury hotels.

Taj Mahal & the Treasures of India
Days: 15 | From: US$7,945 (was US$8,695)

The Arctic

Backed by more than 25 years of experience in expedition cruising, our Arctic adventures are the best way to witness the region's barren landscapes, shimmering glaciers and plentiful wildlife, including the massive polar bear. Join us on an epic journey through Iceland, Greenland and Norway, and benefit from our unmatched expertise on the region's history and wildlife.

New! Iceland & Greenland Cruise: In the Wake of the Vikings
Days: 12 | From: US$10,495 (was US$11,995)

Arctic Cruise Adventure: Norway, Greenland & Iceland
Days: 15 | From: US$13,495 (was US$14,995)

Southeast Asia

I remain in awe of this deeply spiritual region — from its tranquil landscapes to its bustling cities wafting with the scent of street food. Visit and share my passion during a history and culture-rich departure to Southeast Asia, visiting Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and temple-dotted Myanmar.

New! Cruising the Mekong: Siam, Saigon & Angkor Wat
Days: 12 | From: US$7,995

Images of Indochina & Angkor Wat
Days: 13 | From: US$5,945 (was US$6,695)

Myanmar & the Irrawaddy
Days: 11 | From: US$5,295

Around the World by Private Jet

Embark on the ultimate trip by private jet, designed by me and sold out two years running. Featuring some of my favorite destinations in a single itinerary, it's an unforgettable way to cruise the Amazon luxuriously, see some of the world's most remote, intriguing islands and attend a dinner I host in my adopted home of Monaco.

Around the World by Private Jet: Islands, Savannas & the Amazon
Days: 26 | From: US$117,000

Inspiring Expeditions

Join me on a captivating, inaugural expedition to Palau, part of my newly designed Inspiring Expeditions by Geoffrey Kent. Dive into the beguiling Blue Holes, drift suspended amid a million harmless jellyfish, and venture off road to historic World War II battle sites. You'll also be among the first outsiders in nearly 60 years to visit the Seventy Islands World Heritage Site, dine with local dignitaries, and cruise in style aboard an exclusively chartered superyacht.

New! Treasures of Palau
Days: 9 | From: US$145,000

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