The Magic of the White Continent

The Magic of the White Continent
September 2016
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Cloaked in blue ice and surrounded by seas bursting with mega-life, Antarctica is the last wild place on earth. Jaw-dropping and off the map, it draws adventurers for a deeply rewarding experience unlike any other. 

A Land Untouched and Rarely Explored

There is nothing quite as thrilling as being among the few who set foot on Terra Incognita. At the edge of the map (if at all), Antarctica represents the last true wilderness, a place forever untamed and endlessly changing. To voyage to the White Continent — as you do on A&K’s Classic Antarctica — joining the ranks of legendary explorers like Sir Ernest Shackleton, is a rite of passage no passionate adventurer can resist.

Awe-inspiring Flora and Fauna

Antarctica inspires awe in so many ways, but not least in its show of gargantuan icebergs and unabashed wildlife — things you simply won’t find anywhere else on earth. If you dream of seeing dozens of humpback whales breaching at the edge of a Zodiac, orcas hunting in deft harmony and penguins toddling up and down their own highways, this is the place. And while no true expedition comes with guarantees, exploring in the company of A&K on a comprehensive voyage, like Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands, puts the odds for experiencing these sights dramatically in your favour. 

See the World Anew 

Some see Antarctica as the last continent to conquer. Only to realise it’s a most extraordinary place, addictive in its beauty, deeply inspiring and always surprising. Change is a constant in the hub of the world’s most important conservation research and activity. And it’s a powerful thing to see it happening right before you.

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