Our Top 5 Arabian Itineraries

Our Top 5 Arabian Itineraries
January 2016
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Crusaders, invaders, explorers and philosophers have all left their mark on these desert lands and the legacy is observed in the extraordinary monuments and diverse cultures which remain today.

Float along the Nile in style

Explore the highlights of exotic Cairo with your own Egyptologist immersing yourself in history both ancient and modern and delighting in the myriad iconic sights. From the Pyramids to the Nile you will also discover the dazzling temples and ancient tombs along the river on a luxury cruise between Luxor, the world's greatest open air museum, and the picturesque sunny southern city of Aswan. Your home afloat is Sanctuary Sun Boat IV, the finest small ship on the river.

Nile in Style | 9 days from $6,710

The oldest civilisations in the Arabian Peninsula

Wild wadis, an untouched coastline, spectacular deserts, 16th century forts and castles and dramatic mountain scenery - Oman has it all. It is one of the oldest civilisations in the Arabian Peninsula and one of the Middle East's most surprising and unspoiled destinations where a fascinating ancient heritage sits side by side with the trappings of modernity and stunning accommodation.

Arabian Odyssey | 8 days from $5,095

Get lost amongst the enchanting souks and bazaars in Morocco

A&K's in-depth knowledge of this vibrant and colourful country ensures a truly intriguing journey. With its ancient imperial cities, spectacular landscapes, bustling souks full of treasures, beautiful handicrafts, a mouth-watering cuisine and a fascinating blend of cultural and historic influences, Morocco promises a wealth of exotic experiences. With a private A&K guide as your companion you'll soak up its fascinating history and colourful culture.

Mosaics & Medinas | 8 days from $6,290

Walk in the steps of biblical giants

Combining two of the Middle East's most fascinating destinations makes perfect sense and with A&K a private guide accompanies guests in each country bringing to life thousands of years of history. You'll walk in the steps of biblical giants and modern-day adventurers seeing some of the world's most iconic and ancient sites and understanding something of contemporary life and cultural relations in this extraordinary part of the world.

Glimpse of Israel & Jordan | 10 days from $8,190

Where dazzling skyscrapers meet the desert

The cosmopolitan city of Dubai is at the heart of a region where dazzling skyscrapers meet the desert and where old world Arabian culture blends with fast paced modernity. Experience the city from the streets and the water and explore the magical desert dunes of a nearby conservation reserve. Your city accommodation is a grand boutique hotel while in the desert, luxury tented suites are home. A stunning hideaway on the rugged Omani coast concludes your Arabian experience.

Dubai, Desert & Dhows | 9 days from $10,680

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