A&K in the Know: Treasures of the Andes

February 2017

For travellers seeking adventure, why not explore South America’s western side - The Andes- the world’s longest mountain range. Discover the dramatic desert highlights of northern Chile, combined with the extraordinary landscapes of the Bolivian salt flats and the high altitude wonders of Lake Titicaca and Cusco.  You’ll contrast ancient pre-Columbian archaeology with modern street art, savour delicious South American food and wine and observe a rich textile heritage. Photographers will find endless subject matter in extraordinary landscapes, richly coloured handicrafts, faces full of character, atmospheric city scenes and unusual wildlife.

When is the best time to travel?
The best time to travel to Chile, Bolivia and Peru is between April and September where the weather is cool and you can expect bright and sunny days.

Meet the sommelier for an exclusive wine-tasting before heading out to Chile’s historic port city of Valparaiso with its hills, brightly coloured houses, winding cobbled streets, funiculars and dramatic street art. 

Enjoy an evening Atacama stargazing experience in Moon Valley.

Visit the ancient village at the base of Uyuni’s Tunupa Volcano and hike up to see the Chipara mummies in Coquesa cave.

Enjoy a local village encounter in Peru’s Sacred Valley. 

Take a hydrofoil cruise to Bolivia’s Moon Island to visit the Sun Virgin’s Temple.

Things to see and do
Breathtaking scenery and outdoor adventure in the Atacama Desert. Explore volcanic craters, bubbling geysers and steaming fumaroles in an ancient landscape.

The ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuaman, as well as the largest salt flat on earth – Uyuni.

Extraordinary reed islands and traditional cultures on the highest navigable lake on earth.


To see South America’s most extraordinary landscapes please visit Treasures of the Andes: Chile, Bolivia & Peru

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