A&K Philanthropy supports alternative education in Jaipur

A&K Philanthropy supports alternative education in Jaipur
December 2017

In an effort to support non-linear learning and transform local communities, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) has partnered with Digantar Vidyalay in Jaipur, India, a school delivering an alternative approach to education that aims to create social equality through education for rural and underprivileged children living on the outskirts of the city.

Digantar aims at transforming a very conservative society into an equitable one through its unique approach to education. The school’s core vision emerged from the significant social inequality in the region, characterised by a gender ratio where female foeticide and child marriages are still practiced. Digantar takes in children from these communities, teaches them to question the existing norms, and recognise their own potential for action and their capacity to influence each other as well as the community at large. As a policy, Digantar has a 60:40 ratio of girls to boys and, today, girls outnumber boys at the school.

It is widely recognised that art is an important part of learning and Digantar, with AKP’s support, is broadening its programme to incorporate art in any form, be it literature, dance or music, to encourage self-motivated, independent learners. Embedded in the local community, the school encourages its alumni, and other community members, to use the space to pursue their own interests and skills thereby creating empowered entrepreneurs.

Abercrombie & Kent makes a donation to AKP on behalf of every guest travelling in support of such grassroots efforts and guests travelling to Jaipur have the opportunity to visit the school, connect with the children and learn about the positive change it has brought to the community.