A&K's Top Photographic Destinations

A&K's Top Photographic Destinations
February 2017

Capture stunning images in some of the world’s most picturesque locations, hone your wildlife photography skills or simply create Instagram-worthy still shots. No matter where you travel you’ll be certain to bring home wonderful pictorial mementos of your trip – of breath-taking landscapes, awe-inspiring wildlife, colourful handicrafts, mouth-watering food and vibrant markets. The subject matter is endless and this is A&K’s bucket list for novice and expert photographer alike.


With its breath-taking scenery and unique wildlife, Africa is a photographer’s dream. Whether it’s the raw, red landscapes of Namibia for still pictures, wildebeest swimming a fast-flowing river or a flock of vivid carmine bee-eaters in flight for action shots, a pride of lion on the savannah for the iconic nature photograph and the tribes of Ethiopia for unique and colourful portraits. No matter where in Africa, there is a photograph to be captured and memories to be cherished.


A voyage to Antarctica is a true trip of a lifetime and with A&K you do it in style and comfort on board MV Le Boreal. There is no more remote or pristine destination on earth. Its wildlife is abundant and, thanks to the almost total absence of human presence, easy to get close to ensuring exquisite photographic opportunities. Icebound landscapes and rugged scenery also produce dramatic compositions and A&K offers a dedicated Photographic Expedition led by wildlife photographer Richard Harker. A professional photographer for over 20 years, Richard specialises in underwater, wildlife and landscape photography and conducts lectures during the trip as well as hands-on tips to ensure travellers capture lasting memories on film or digitally.

The Aussie Outback
Closer to home our own Western Australia presents a wealth of photographic substance. The rich earthy colours of the landscape in contrast with the endless blue sky are a dream through the lens. The soaring red gorges and crystal clear billabongs, the dramatic coastline plus native flora and fauna, all are beautifully captured through the lens. There are galleries of indigenous rock art and sculptural termite mounds, pandanus palms and dazzling sunsets. For action shots, there is horse riding, barramundi fishing and walking trails to follow. Create your next album on an Australian adventure.

Ladakh, Northern India

The remote and rugged landscapes of Ladakh in the high Himalaya of Northern India are a photographer’s paradise and on A&K’s exclusive hosted journey you are accompanied by award-winning freelance photographer, Palani Mohan. He has travelled to Ladakh a number of times and his passion for the scenery and the beautiful people that live there is contagious. During the trip he shares his experiences and photographic skills with special workshops, lectures and hands-on guidance in the field. The journey reveals a region shaped by staunch Buddhist traditions with a history and culture more closely related to Tibet than India. The dramatic landscapes of high altitude desert, vast valleys and fluttering prayer flags are highlights while centuries old monasteries and temples reveal some of the most gentle and hospitable people on the planet. you to the rich culture and help you create your own magical photographic mementos.


Full of colour, culture, fascinating sights and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Mexico is magic for photography enthusiasts. There are ancient Mayan and Aztec archaeological ruins aplenty, charming colonial architecture in all the colours of the rainbow, dense jungles, beautiful haciendas, richly decorated dancers, colourful markets and vibrant festivals. Picture postcard shots present themselves at every turn.

One of the last travel frontiers, Mongolia is vast, remote and strikingly beautiful with no shortage of photographic subject matter.
A&K’s exclusive hosted journey to Mongolia focuses on the thrilling Golden Eagle Festival in the far west of the country where Kazakh horsemen demonstrate their skills with the prized golden eagle in fierce competition. The journey is led by award-winning freelance photographer Palani Mohan whose work has been exhibited widely around the globe. He has travelled to Mongolia four times photographing and documenting in detail the golden eagle hunters and their unique customs. An expert photographic instructor he shares his experiences and his photographs as well as giving travellers his tips on capturing landscapes and people in this extraordinary part of the world.