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Hot off the Press: A&K’s 2017- 18 Hosted Small Group Journeys brochure
May 2017

Luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent has released its new Hosted Small Group Journeys brochure featuring 22 creatively-designed, expert-led journeys to emerging destinations and hard-to-get-to places.

Guests travelling on these journeys will be taken off-the-beaten-track to remote, little explored destinations where conditions can be challenging but where A&K’s insider knowledge and expertise ensures security and comfort. Each artfully tailored journey also gives meaningful cultural, culinary and educational encounters. They are well-paced to give time to breathe and include active elements to get travellers moving. Explicitly designed for the more intrepid Australian luxury traveller there are no more than 18 guests on any one tour.

The new collection has been designed to include a balance of signature A&K experiences. ‘Breathe’ is all about taking a step back, relaxing and having time to explore a destination in-depth. ‘Savour’ allows the traveller to experience different cuisines and culinary highlights. ‘Move’ gets travellers moving with a variety of activities which means seeing a destination at ground level instead of from a vehicle. ‘Encounter’ is the opportunity to go behind the scenes, meeting the artisans, experience a different culture or joining in a festival - it’s up-close human engagement.

One of the key features of our Hosted Small Group Journey portfolio is your host. On each one you are joined by an A&K Local Host. This person knows the destination intimately, has strolled the same streets you’ll stroll, knows the stall holders in the local market, the best galleries and eateries, a prime viewing spot for a festival and can speak the local lingo. The companionship of a local host means you see the place you are visiting through their eyes and with their passion. It’s a life-changing experience. In addition, on certain journeys, you are joined by a Guest Host. This individual has specialist expertise in the place you are visiting, the wildlife you are seeing or the cultures you’ll be experiencing. They have travelled extensively and are charismatic companions whose passion it is to share their knowledge with you - the enquiring traveller.   

Meet Our Guest Hosts:

Originally from the UK, Richard McColl has been living in Latin America for the past 17 years working as a Foreign Correspondent, guide and journalist. An expert on all things Colombian, Richard has his own weekly radio programme focusing on current affairs in the country as well as a range of other topics. Currently living in Bogotá and working on a doctorate, his interests include contemporary history, politics and the natural world.
Join Richard in Colombia.

Growing up in Africa and around the Indian Ocean, Dr Charlie Gardner has been fascinated by the natural world since childhood. His first visit to Madagascar in the early 80s shaped his life and he now lives the dream of being a conservationist on the Great Red Isle. Charlie has worked as a scientific advisor for WWF and has published many papers on Madagascar’s wildlife and its conservation. He has appeared on wildlife documentaries and assisted with the filming of Sir David Attenborough’s BBC series ‘Madagascar’.
Join Charlie in Madagascar.

A passion for knitting set Danielle on a life-changing path and a mission to make unique hand-knitted garments that are both beautiful and of the finest quality. A visit to Southern India inspired her to set up a co-op where local women from rural villages transform high quality fibres into highly soughtafter garments. Channelling the skills needed has empowered these women, providing them with an income, helping support their families and local communities to make a lasting difference.
Join Danielle in India.