Just released: Our Africa, Arabia & Persia collection

Just released: Our Africa, Arabia & Persia collection
September 2017

Africa is in our blood and it’s what we know best. Born on safari in East Africa in 1962, A&K has remained the benchmark for luxury, experiential travel on the Mother Continent ever since. We take travellers to Africa’s finest wildlife viewing arenas, tailoring the perfect route and hand-picking accommodation to suit. We have an unparalleled network on the ground in Africa with 11 offices, a collection of luxury safari camps and lodges, the finest safari guides and naturalists as well as a mobile tented camping operation. We also make a point of giving back in the local communities our guests visit through A&K Philanthropy, which supports over a dozen projects throughout the continent.

Our new brochure presents an extensive range of independent and small group journeys to 24 countries, each unique in their design and offering from luxury safaris in Southern and East Africa to a unique cultural adventure in Ghana, Benin and Togo and north to Arabia and beyond.

Egypt is back on our radar and the message is get there soon while the availability is good, while the access to major sites is easy and before the inevitable return of the crowds. Three journeys are on offer featuring luxury Nile cruises on our own small ships, Sun Boat III and Sun Boat IV.

For travellers celebrating major milestones or seeking the perfect family adventure, we have included some specially tailored ideas to ensure memorable shared experiences across generations. There’s also a selection of Indian Ocean beach stays, stopovers in Dubai and two intriguing adventures in Iran, one of our most fashionable destinations.

For your copy of the Africa, Arabia & Persia brochure call A&K 1300 851 800 or download a copy now