Kenya Bans Plastic Bags

Kenya Bans Plastic Bags
September 2017

African safari specialist, Abercrombie & Kent, has welcomed the Kenyan Government’s ban on plastic bags. With immediate effect, the ban targets any company selling, manufacturing or carrying bags, with hefty fines and jail time publicised. The ban also consciously targets bags from shops and grocery stores.

There are ramifications for travellers with A&K advising its guests that confiscation of carry and flat types of bags, as well as Ziploc and duty-free bags, is likely on arrival at Nairobi Airport. Bags designed for multiple use, such as zippered cosmetic bags, are not included in the ban.

Large fines and/or jail time for offenders have been publicised but these are applicable to Kenyan companies who continue to manufacture or use plastic bags, not regular citizens or tourists.

A&K Australia’s Regional Managing Director, Sujata Raman, had this to say, “Like our clients, A&K is in wholehearted support of the ban. It is long overdue and a critically important step in protecting Kenya’s environment. Plastic bags are a scourge right across the world, harming wildlife and damaging ecosystems. I think it is time this measure was adopted much more widely.”