Top 5 Journeys Through the Orient

Top 5 Journeys Through the Orient
November 2017

We’ve asked our Orient Product Specialists to name their Top Five from our just released collection of journeys through the Orient. 

Highlights of China

Relaunched and refurbished, Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer reaches new highs. Check out the stylish new design and take a trip through the Three Gorges.

Cambodia Discovery

Cambodia captivates with its astonishing jungle temples whispering stories of civilisations past, cities that gracefully wear their French legacy and people who are touchingly affectionate.

Japan Ancient & Modern

Japan is an entrancing mix of ancient tradition and the ultra-modern. Tea ceremonies, tatami mats, Zen gardens and the elegant geisha tradition co-exist with high speed bullet trains, refined contemporary eateries and minimalist architecture.

Journey on the Mekong

Cruise up the mighty river on the luxury Aqua Mekong, from southern Vietnam into Cambodia and the enthralling Angkor Wat. 

Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand is all about the beauty of nature – rugged landscapes, hot springs, tea plantations and rice paddies. 

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