Arctic Cruise Adventure Trip Log ( 17 - 31 Jul, 2017) - Thursday, Jul 27

Thursday, July 27: Hurry Inlet and Scorsebysund
January 2018

Today we continue our exploration of seldom-visited Greenland, a land of superlatives. The landmass itself is the largest island in the world, and also contains our planet’s largest fjord system, Scoresby Sound, which cuts into the island like a huge scar and provides us with dramatic scenery as we sail through. Greenland also contains nearly all of the Arctic’s land-locked ice, and sports massive ice fields and glaciers which are second only to those in the icy wilderness of Antarctica. After breakfast, our expedition team finds a suitable landing site on Hurry Point overlooking a spectacular glacier in the distance. Our on-shore naturalists point out some of Greenland’s native wildlife; a lone musk ox wanders a snowy hill nearby, ravens soar past lush fields of mountain-avens and bell-heather, and we are treated to the rare sight of a few dazzling arctic butterflies, active only for a few short weeks at the peak of summer. On the beach, thousands of mosquitoes bid us an enthusiastic farewell as we return to the ship!

This afternoon, we find ourselves deep in the scenic fjords of Scoresby Sund, surrounded by a thick garden of pack ice. With perfect weather and a dazzling array of floes, we take this opportunity to launch the zodiacs and explore. As our drivers expertly navigate through the drifting sculpture garden, we get to experience the Arctic as it would have been for the earliest explorers; cold, silent, and wild. Dovekie, or little auk, are everywhere, and tolerate our presence enough to get incredibly close-up looks!From the zodiac, we get a much better sense of these tiny birds, which forage for krill and other plankton by diving underwater using their wings for propulsion. Some of us glimpse ringed seals at a distance, though these animals quickly take to the water, wary that we may be hunters from Ittoqqortoormiit. It is clear that the Arctic pack ice is habitat for a wide range of life and critically important for the animals and humans living in these environments. As we return to Le Boreal and sail back through Scoresby Sound, we reflect on the ice we have seen, and bid farewell to the icy Arctic tundra. Massive icebergs reflect the imposing skyline of Greenland, turning to mere mirages as we sail South, towards another land of mystery!

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