Arctic Cruise Adventure Trip Log ( 17 - 31 Jul, 2017) - Wednesday, Jul 26

Wednesday, July 26: Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
January 2018

We awake to the sight of pack ice in every direction. Le Boreal entered this winding maze of ice floes in the early hours of the morning, her captain and officers skillfully navigating toward our new destination; Greenland. Far off, rocky peaks loom above a distant fog bank that stands in our way. The next few hours are spent watching ice floes and icebergs loom through the mist, and we are treated to more lectures by our knowledgeable expedition team. Patricia, our ornithologist, continues with a talk on the seabirds of the arctic, many of which we have seen. We learn more about how these hardy creatures manage to survive in conditions that are often windy, salty, wet and well below freezing! Our geologist Jason later gives a talk on the Greenland Ice Cap, discussing how a natural record of the atmosphere’s greenhouse gasses is kept trapped in our planet’s ice caps, both in Greenland and Antarctica. It was by looking at these ice cores that scientists first noticed that atmospheric carbon levels have been on an exponential rise in recent decades, due primarily to fossil fuel emissions.

As we enter the mouth of Greenland’s Scoresby Sound, the fog lifts and we are treated to the brilliant sight of this wondrous place. A faint haze turns the mountains a soft blue, and we steam quietly across the flat-calm surface of the sea. Soon, we approach the colorful village of Ittoqqortoormiit in the early afternoon, and all boats are ashore soon-after. We are free to spend the rest of our day exploring this small community which roughly 500 people call home; local art shops offer beautiful pieces carved from musk ox horn and reindeer antler, and the local church and museum are highlights as we explore, briefly getting to know the inhabitants of this High Arctic settlement!

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