The Northwest Passage Trip Log (21 Aug - 13 Sep 2017) - ​Friday, Aug 25

​Friday, August 25
January 2018

Early in the morning ‘Le Boreal’ entered Kangerluarsuk Tuuluq Fjord near Sisimiut Greenland. The ship cruised through the Tulluq Fjord which is 69 miles long and averages 740 metres in width. A suitable spot to land was scouted and by mid-morning most of the adventurers were hiking on the terrain along this beautiful fjord. Upon returning to the ship, ‘Le Boreal’ headed out of Kangerluarsuk Tulleq Fjord bound for Nuuk , the capital of Greenland, to take on provisions and visit this historic city; one of the smallest Capitals in the world . In the mid-afternoon, we enjoyed the first of the lecture series where Richard Harker presented an excellent introduction to how to approach photography in the Northwest Passage. Richard was followed later in the afternoon by Ralph Eshelman, who provided an intriguing lecture on the globe’s geology and what it means for the future. The day’s programming ended with a briefing in the theatre where Patricia Silva introduced us to the ornithology of Greenland with a special backgrounder on the Gyr Falcon followed by Mike Beedell’s very informative talk about the fauna and flora of the tundra walk. His photographs capture the subtlety of the Greenland ecology.

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