The Northwest Passage Trip Log (21 Aug - 13 Sep 2017) - ​Monday, Aug 28

Monday, August 28
January 2018

Today was a sailing day as ‘Le Boreal’ left Greenland for the day and a half crossing of Davis Strait to Pond Inlet in Nunavut Canada. One can only imagine the whaling ships heading across in the 1800’s in search of the Bowhead Whales. There was lots of activity on board. Margaret Bertulli introduced us to the Canadian Arctic’s archaeological past in a morning enrichment lecture. It is always informative to learn from a passionate professional with 25 years of experience doing archaeology in such a challenging environment. Then it was time for the aspiring musicians to have their first harmonica lesson from impresario Mike Stevens. Mike is a musician who instantly inspires you to get out on your balcony and practise your instrument. In the afternoon wildlife biologist Brent Houston shared his knowledge and fabulous photos of polar bears. While there was a brisk breeze, some adventurers joined the naturalists on deck who pointed out some of the unique Arctic features you may see in the Baffin Island region. And before dinner, Lecturer Greg Thomas presented his talk on “The Search for the Northwest Passage.” That evening we gathered in the theatre for the expedition recap and the captain provided an overview of the ice conditions and the ship’s preparations as we enter the heart of the Northwest Passage.

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