The Northwest Passage Trip Log (21 Aug - 13 Sep 2017) - ​Monday, Sep 11

Monday, September 11
January 2018

Today, ‘Le Boreal’ cruised into the Chukchi Sea toward the Bering Strait. The Bering Sea is named for Vitus Bering, a Danish navigator in Russian service, who in 1741 was the first European to systematically explore this maritime area. He sailed northward from the Pacific Ocean and continued north to the ArcticOcean. This is a rich area for seabirds and whales, including the rare North Pacific Right Whale. Unfortunately, it was a quiet day on the whale viewing front. 

As we sailed all day toward Little Diomede Island, lectures, exercises, harmonica lessons and needle felting were the order of the day. Once again, our marine biologist enlightened his audience with his talk on “Oceanography, Productivity and Climate Change.” The Northwest Passage is a perfect case study in the challenges facing us in conserving the Arctic from the dramatic ecological pressures facing our oceans. Equally entertaining was geologist Ralph Eshelman’s talk with the entertaining title, “Creepy Creatures and Sea Monsters: Fact and Fiction.” 

Mike Stevens held his last harmonica lesson and his ability to connect with his audience has borne fruit. The class is going to perform an original melody at the final recap. In the evening, the whole ship community gathered for Captain Erwan Le Rouzic’s farewell cocktail party followed by the captain’s Farewell Dinner.