The Northwest Passage Trip Log (21 Aug - 13 Sep 2017) - ​Monday, Sep 4

Monday, September 4
January 2018

Today ‘Le Boreal’ continued to cruise through Queen Maud Gulf and the challenging Victoria Strait towards its destination in the Bathurst Inlet. Both Queen Maud Gulf and Coronation Gulf are shallow basins averaging less than one hundred metres in depth. Bearded seals, ringed seals and polar bears are the marine mammal species known to frequent these waters. As we passed along the southeast coast of King William Island, we were just to the south of the waters where Franklin’s ships, ‘Erebus’ and ‘Terror’ from his 1845-47 expedition were discovered under water in 2014 and 2016 respectively by Parks Canada. The morning and early afternoon passed pleasantly as we enjoyed three enrichment lectures. Patricia Silva continued to enhance our knowledge of ArcticOrnithology with her talk, “The Pleasure of Birding,” followed by Archaeologist Margaret Bertulli’s insightful lecture on “Inuit Cultures of the Recent Past.” Just before the afternoon expedition took place, Greg Thomas presented “The History of Inuit Settlement in Nunavut.” By mid-afternoon, the captain dropped anchor well into Bathurst Inlet and we headed ashore for what proved to be an exceptional hike. Many people chose to walk up a high point of land where they gazed down upon the Hood River; one of a number of tributaries that run from the south into Bathurst Inlet. A grizzly bear family had clearly been in the vicinity and some hikers caught sight of a solitary grizzly making its way across the landscape. It was a beautiful, warm afternoon in the Arctic. To complete the day, many guests attended a dance performance, “Continents,” performed by ‘Le Boreal’s’ Paris c’ Show Dancers

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