The Northwest Passage Trip Log (21 Aug - 13 Sep 2017) - ​ Tuesday, Aug 29

Tuesday, August 29
January 2018

As we awoke this morning with moderate seas, the shores of Canada’s Baffin Island greeted us to Canada’s Arctic. To warm us up for the Canadian experience, explorer and adventurer Mike Beedell carried on the lecture series with his talk on “In the Footsteps of Legends.” Mike was part of a team that recreated an historic dog sled journey from Baffin Island to the northeast tip of Greenland. Covering 1,250 miles of rugged terrain, Mike’s account captures the skills of both the travelling group and their teams of dogs as well as the extraordinary environment as they travelled across the ice of Lancaster Sound, along Ellesmere Island and then across over to Greenland. By noon, ‘Le Boreal’ anchored in Pond Inlet, an Inuit community located on the northeastern shore of Baffin Island, across from Bylot Island, Canada. It is known to the Inuit as Mittimatalik, the place where Mittima is buried. After taking the zodiacs ashore, we were greeted by our Inuit hosts and walked through the community to the cultural centre. We were treated to a display of traditional games performed at the Arctic Winter games as well as traditional Inuit dancing and singing. Upon our return to the ship, ‘Le Boreal’ headed westward toward Lancaster Sound and our next destination, Devon Island. A special feature that evening was a DVD presentation “A Walk in my Dream,” featuring the work done with children in Indigenous communities by harmonica player Mike Stevens. It was a powerful message and insight into the social issues facing most Arctic communities, particularly their young people.

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