Experience Seven Worlds, One Planet firsthand on a journey with A&K

If you’ve been inspired by the first episode of the BBC's Seven Worlds, One Planet, consider an adventure to see some of its animal stars, or indeed many other spectacular species, up close in their natural habitats.
November 2019

Two years after the mesmerising Blue Planet II graced our screens with its high definition window into ocean life, Sir David Attenborough and the BBC’s Natural History Unit are back, this time showcasing the rich biodiversity of every continent. Launched last week, the world’s most iconic wildlife narrator will guide viewers through the day-to-day goings on across the animal kingdom in the new series Seven Worlds, One Planet. The first episode highlights the wonders of the coldest continent, Antarctica. This week it's Asia.

As wonderful as it is to witness wildlife in action on the small screen, it's quite another to see it firsthand. From our origins as a pioneer of luxury photographic safaris, we’ve taken countless guests to meet the world’s most fascinating creatures – from Africa to Alaska, Antarctica to the Amazon and beyond. If you’ve been inspired by the first episode of Seven Worlds, One Planet, consider an adventure to see some of its animal stars, or indeed many other spectacular species, up close in their natural habitats.

Below are a few ready-to-travel adventures to whet your appetite. There are many more to explore on our website or you can
call us to start planning your own bespoke wildlife experience.

Cruise the icy expanse of Antarctica

Antarctica is bursting with life and offers nature at its most raw. It is a continent that is ever-changing and always extraordinarily exciting, a place many adventurers consider to be the final frontier.

On our expeditionary cruises to the White Continent, our experienced team takes advantage of the ever-changing conditions and wildlife habits of the region to dynamically design your adventure to the world’s most unpredictable environment. Cruise the sub-Antarctic islands in luxurious style before exploring the incredible wildlife and exhilarating landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Classic Antarctica

Embark on an award-winning Luxury Expedition Cruise to the centrepiece of the Southern Hemisphere, extraordinary Antarctica. Explore the wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula with excursions led by the region’s best guides, where towering icebergs, massive glaciers and abundant wildlife make for the adventure of a lifetime.

Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands

Join this panoramic adventure with passionate A&K experts, exploring the best of the Southern Ocean, including the colourful and cultural Falkland Islands, unspoiled South Georgia with its incredible king penguin rookeries, and the wildlife and breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica.

Adventure to every corner of alluring Asia

With wildlife as diverse as the landscapes that cover this continent, Asia is a destination with so much to offer. Admire the iconic pandas and culinary delights of China, or the spectacular snow monkeys and breathtakingly fast bullet trains of Japan, or immerse yourself in Indonesia's tropical archipelago and marvel at the prehistoric Komodo dragon. From the highest peaks to the deepest jungles, you're sure to be left in awe.

Highlights of China

Explore the fascinating enigma that is China. Peel back the layers of history in and around Beijing, where the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square will take your breath away. Gaze skywards in futuristic Shanghai. Unravel the mysteries of the ancient city of Xian, home to the Terracotta Warriors. Drift along the Yangtze River through the breathtaking Three Gorges. You'll also meet China's monochromatic icon, the giant panda.

Hidden Indonesia: Bali to Komodo

Discover some of Indonesia's best kept secrets, the Komodo and Moyo Islands, on this new journey. Embark on a spectacular adventure amidst the wild and stunning landscapes of Komodo National Park, explore breathtaking underwater scenery and marvel at the prehistoric Komodo dragon, the largest lizard species to walk the Earth.

Satisfy your inner adventurer in South America

South America is a patchwork of incredible landscapes, captivating cultures, vibrant cities and a fascinating heritage. From the wilds of the Amazon rainforest in the north to the glacial majesty of Patagonia in the south, South America offers a full spectrum of landscapes and wildlife.

Brazil: A Cultural Odyssey

Welcome to Brazil where natural wonders range from beautiful coastlines and tropical forest to thundering waterfalls. Marvel at the sheer power and noise of the awe-inspiring Iguazú Falls. Witness hundreds of bird species during a private backstage bird encounter, and consider adding a Pantanal safari experience in search of the elusive jaguar and a plethora of fish, birds and mammals.

Galápagos Wildlife Adventure

Cruise through the dazzling Galápagos archipelago, visiting islands acclaimed for their incredible wildlife viewing and iconic sites; strolling among giant tortoises, marine iguanas and blue-footed boobies; and snorkelling and kayaking with charismatic sea lions and penguins. Explore the islands led by certified naturalist guides and immerse yourself in remarkable wildlife encounters like no other.

Marvel at contrasting curiosities in Australia

They say there’s no place like home. From our epic landscapes in desert ochres and rainforest greens, framed by glistening oceans, to the unique native fauna, Australia’s contrasts are like nowhere else on earth.

Pristine Waters of Ningaloo Reef

Take your front-row seat at one of the most biodiverse reefs in the world, Ningaloo Reef. Come face-to-face with a dizzying array of incredible marine life. Time your exploration to swim with the majestic whale sharks or go out in search of the awe-inspiring humpback whales.

FNQ - Nature's Wonderland

Welcome to Tropical North Queensland, a vast area enveloped by rainforest, fringed by reef and ringed by the red dirt of the outback. Explore the astonishing biodiversity of the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, meeting an inspiring conservationist along the way.

Embark on an enviable exploration of Europe

This charming continent hides the most surprising animals in pockets of wilderness. A melting pot of culture, history and picture-perfect backdrops, cruise to wildlife-rich archipelagos and embark on a Nordic voyage, or explore opportunities to pair your immersive tours with nature detours on our tailor-made holidays in Europe.

Ultimate Iceland & Greenland Cruise

Join explorer Alex Pancoe as you discover breathtaking locales from the western fjords of Iceland to glaciers, villages and archaeological sites across Southern Greenland's stunning coastline. Explore vast and timeless landscapes such as the geologically rich Westman archipelago, snow-capped Lindenow Fjord and Prince Christian Sound, and wildlife havens such as Latrabjarg Cliffs, home to a vast array of bird species.

Arctic Cruise Adventure: In Search of the Polar Bear

Cruise on luxurious all-balcony 'Le Boreal' to pristine islands, visiting Norway's polar bear haven of Svalbard, an Inuit village on Greenland's Scoresby Sound and Iceland's verdant West Fjords. In the Svalbard archipelago, wildlife enthusiasts can gaze in wonder at polar bears, walruses, Svalbard reindeer and an incredibly rich variety of birds.

Discover the natural wonders of North America

With 50 US states and 10 Canadian provinces to choose from - vibrant cities and open plains, mountains and deserts, spectacular landforms, unique wildlife, the ultramodern and the historical - a North American journey really does offer it all.

Alaska: Wilderness & Wildlife

Immerse yourself in the epic grandeur of wild Alaska, as you view stunning Denali National Park from a deluxe domed railcar, walk across the surface of a glacier, and meet Alaskan sled dogs to learn how a team is prepared for the Iditarod. Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre, where you can enjoy an up-close visit with the Alaskan species being rehabilitated there including bison, moose and the grizzly bear.

Wild Canada: Belugas & Bears

Set out on a summer wildlife adventure through Canada’s northern reaches, witnessing beluga whales as they gather at the mouth of the Churchill River, and searching for magnificent polar bears on shore. Step back in time at Fort Whyte, where you see imposing American bison up close, paddle a canoe once used by fur trappers and witness the daily routines of early prairie settlers

Walk on the wild side with a journey to Africa

Born on safari in the 1960s, an African adventure with A&K is guided by over 50 years of experience. For today's luxury traveller, an expedition to the Mother Continent is a call to witness the untold majesty of nature’s greatest theatre, the African wilderness and the iconic species that call it home.  From safaris in search of big cats and elephant herds, to forest hikes tracking great apes, Africa’s wildlife diversity is simply extraordinary.

Great East Africa Migration

Uncover some of the world’s most acclaimed wildlife reserves on this journey through Kenya and Tanzania. Taking in a combination of diverse ecosystems, gaze in awe at Africa's iconic species and, if your timing is right, witness one of nature's most majestic wonders, the Great Migration. Your expert safari guides are there to share outstanding wildlife encounters with you away from the crowds.

Namibia Unearthed

Venture into a vast landscape of shimmering salt pans, red dunes, glittering oceans and haunting coastlines where the sunsets are unforgettable and the wildlife abundant. Photography enthusiasts will have outstanding opportunities to capture amazing wildlife, dramatic landscapes and tribal portraits, preserving unforgettable memories of a unique part of the world.