Meet Award-Winning Photographer Palani Mohan

Meet Award-Winning Photographer Palani Mohan
March 2021

At A&K, we pride ourselves on our network of passionate experts, bringing unparalleled insight and knowledge to our journeys as they share their experiences.

One such person is the renowned photographer and acclaimed author Palani Mohan, who has previously led A&K's adventure to experience Mongolia's Golden Eagle Festival. His experience living among the tribes of the traditional eagle hunters produced some of his most iconic work and provides a unique insight to this incredible journey.

Indian born, Australian raised, and now living in Dubai, Palani’s work has been widely published by many of the world’s leading publications. He is the author of six books including his latest – Wind, Water. His work has been recognised with distinguished awards in photography including World Press Photo, Picture of the Year International, CHIPP, Communication Arts, and Sony International.


Watch the A&K's Extraordinary Impact Speaker Series, as this inspirational artist shines a light on the history and traditions of the proud eagle hunters, transporting you to the captivating landscapes of Mongolia through enchanting photographic images and engaging personal accounts.