A&K Travel Group Ltd. Acquires Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony

A&K Travel Group Ltd., the pioneering travel company owned by Geoffrey Kent and Heritage has acquired the luxury cruise vessels Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony.

Recent Travels: Nelson Tasman, New Zealand

At the top of New Zealand’s South Island lies Nelson Tasman - a place with a rich concentration of all the little things which make New Zealand great. A&K’s New Zealand Country Manager Chris Hall recently explored the area and discovered a vibrant local art scene, stunning landscapes, award-winning wines and adventure aplenty.

Insider’s Guide to Japan

Japan is as unique as it is beautiful, a place where ancient and modern collide. The contradictions are illuminating, exciting and inviting. For a truly authentic experience of Japan, use these hand-picked recommendations as your guide.

Alone at Last: Iceland

Escaping the crowds in Iceland, Ute Junker discovers paradise off the beaten track.

Mesmerising Morocco

On a journey through Morocco, Hannah-Rose Yee discovers the country’s unique and individual flavours and fragrances.

Ethereal Great Lakes

Deserving of its reputation as a playground for the well-heeled, Annabelle Thorpe discovers that Lake Como remains the most fashionable of Italian destinations.

Voyage to Antarctica

Travelling to the White Continent on a state-of-the-art expeditionary cruise ship, Julietta Jameson finds a journey full of favourite moments.

Ancient Stories of Australia’s Northwest

Julietta Jameson celebrates privileged experiences and encounters on a rare expedition through the Kimberley.

Tea-Time in Sri Lanka

Discovering old-world charm and a sense of antiquity, Mark Chipperfield is bewitched by Sri Lanka.

Falling for Africa

A first-time safari in Zambia and Botswana meeting the people, seeing the wildlife and gazing at the UNESCO Victoria Falls in Livingstone creates vivid memories for Katrina Holden set to last a lifetime.

Recent Travels – Kangaroo Island, South Australia

A place so wild, unspoiled and utterly surprising, Kangaroo Island has A&K’s Serena Mitchell thoroughly spellbound.

A Day on Safari

Being on safari, in the wilds of Africa, means seeking out rare wildlife in its natural habitat. This is how a typical day in the bush might unfold.

Joined at The Hippo - Zora Avila

Read Zora Avila's account of her visit to Zambia, published in Signature Luxury Travel and Style magazine.

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