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Classic Antarctica Trip Log: 6 - 18 January, 2018 
Sunday, January 7: Ushuaia

Monday, January 8: Crossing the Drake Passage

Tuesday, January 9: Crossing the Drake Passage

Wednesday, January 10: Port Charcot

Thursday, January 11: Dallman Bay and Cuverville Island

Friday, January 12: Brown Station and Neko Harbour

Saturday, January 13: Palmer Station

Sunday, January 14: Deception Island & Hannah Point

Monday, January 15: Drake Passage

Tuesday, January 16: Beagle Channel

Classic Antarctica Trip Log: 27 December, 2017 - 8 January, 2018 

Thursday, December 28: Embarkation in Usuaia

Friday, December 29: Crossing Drake Passage

Saturday, December 30: Crossing the Drake Passage

Sunday, December 31: Antarctica Sound, New Year's Eve

Monday, January 1: Halfmoon and Deception Islands, New Year's Day

Tuesday, January 2: Cuverville Island Neko Harbor and Lemaire Channel

Wednesday, January 3: Charlotte Bay and Hydruga Rocks/Two Hummock Islands

Thursday, January 4: Exploring King George and Penguin Islands

Friday, January 5: Crossing the Drake

Saturday, January 6: Crossing the Drake Passage and Sailing the Beagle Channel

Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands Trip Log: 12 - 28 December, 2017 

Wednesday, December 13: Embarkation in Ushuaia

Thursday, December 14: Sailing the Scotia Sea

Friday, December 15: Stanley Falkland Islands

Saturday, December 16: Sailing the Scotia Sea

Sunday, December 17: Sailing past Shag Rocks to South Georgia

Monday, December 18: Expedition Day Salisbury Plain and Fortuna Bay

Tuesday, December 19: Expedition Day Stromness and Grytviken

Wednesday, December 20: Expedition day Gold Harbor and Drygalski Fjord

Thursday, December 21: Sailing South

Friday, December 22: Sailing the Scotia Sea

Saturday, December 23: A Day in the South Shetlands – Yankee Harbor and Deception Island

Sunday, December 24: Expedition Day Cuverville Island and Paradise Bay

Monday, December 25: Christmas Day Exploring Salpetriere Bay and Port Charcot

Tuesday, December 26: Crossing the Drake Passage

Wednesday, December 27: Crossing the Drake Passage and Sailing Beagle Channel Back to Ushuaia

Northwest Passage: From Greenland to Bering Sea Trip Log: 21 Aug - 13 Sep, 2017
Monday, August 21

Tuesday, August 22

Wednesday, August 23

Thursday, August 24

Friday, August 25

Saturday, August 26 

Sunday, August 27

Monday, August 28

Tuesday, August 29

Wednesday, August 30

Thursday, August 31

Friday, September 1

Saturday, September 2

Sunday, September 3

Monday, September 4

Tuesday, September 5

Wednesday, September 6

Thursday, September 7

Friday, September 8

Saturday, September 9

Monday, September 11

Arctic Cruise Adventure Trip Log: 17 - 31 Jul, 2017 
Monday, July 17: Arrive in Oslo

Tuesday, July 18: Setting Sail

Wednesday, July 19: Ny Alesund and the 14th of July Glacier

Thursday July 20: Torellneset Walrus & Alkefjellet Bird Cliffs

Friday July 21: In Search of Bears

Saturday, July 22: Lidefjorden and Idabreen Glacier

Sunday, 23 July: Raudforden and Danskoya

Monday, July 24: At Sea for Jan Mayen

Tuesday, July 25: At Sea for Jan Mayen

Wednesday, July 26: Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Thursday, July 27: Hurry Inlet and Scorsebysund

Friday, July 28: En Route to Iceland

Saturday, July 29: NW Iceland

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