Limited Edition Small Group Journeys

For the inquisitive traveller seeking more intrepid destinations.

Immersive, Intimate Small Group Journeys to some of the World's Most Unique Locations

Originally designed for more intrepid, yet still fastidious Australian travellers, and now becoming a favourite of inquisitive travellers from around the world, our Limited Edition Small Group Journeys are expert-led, shared adventures to more off-the-beaten track destinations. Each of these journeys has been creatively designed with educational elements and local encounters that broaden the mind and result in unforgettable experiences in each destination.

These journeys also have a fine balance of guided activity and breathing room, the time and space for more exploration and self-discovery in a destination. On select Limited Edition Journeys, our expert local hosts (the Resident Tour Directors) are joined by special guest hosts, typically entertaining and charismatic travelling companions with strong connections to the destination or expertise relevant to the focus of the journey, from culture to conservation.

  • The Limited Edition Small Group Journeys typically have fewer departures each year than the Luxury Small Group Journeys, and are less likely to operate in the following year, so don’t miss out on your opportunity! 
  • All gratuities (tips) are included, including the tip for your Resident Tour Director
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer members can earn Qantas Points (1 point for every dollar spent) on Limited Edition Small Group Journeys

2020 Limited Small Group Journeys Preview Range

Our Limited Edition Small Group Journeys departing in 2020 are now available. Please click here to read more.

Insider Access and an Unmatched Local Presence

When you travel with A&K, you enjoy unrivaled insider access to the authentic heart and soul of a place — and to people and sites that lie far beyond the reach of the average traveller. Our longstanding relationships in every destination we visit make it all possible, from the seamless flow of an A&K itinerary to the prompt attention paid to an unanticipated request. This trustworthy, on-the-ground presence also allows us to manage your safety and security, which are always our first priorities.

Itineraries You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Discover a bold new lineup of exotic destinations and insider access with a Limited Edition Small Group Journey. For those looking to blaze a trail, we’re going farther afield to uncover the other-worldly creatures of Madagascar, the remote mountains and deserts of Central Asia, and the fascinating history and diverse terrain of Sri Lanka. We’re also exploring the world’s most inspiring architecture, wildlife, events and festivals. Whether it’s witnessing the thrilling Golden Eagle Festival in the far east of Mongolia, or exploring the heart of the Caucasus in Georgia and Armenia, these journeys deliver the luxury of access.

An Expert at Your Side: The A&K Resident Tour Director

Leading your Limited Edition Small Group Journey are A&K’s most popular and in-demand Resident Tour Directors - the best of the best. He or she brings your itinerary to life through decades, if not an entire lifetime, of firsthand experience in your destination. The result is a journey that transforms your understanding of a place, connecting you to the people and places you encounter in a way you’ll never forget.

Intimate Groups of a maximum 18 Guests

Our Limited Edition Small Group Journey are limited to just 18 guests, allowing us to reserve hotels that can’t accommodate the typically larger (40-plus) groups that travel with other companies. This also opens up a world of exclusive insider-access opportunities, from private museum openings to visits with local people in their own homes, while affording you time to get to know your fellow guests and interact with your Resident Tour Director.

Accommodations that Immerse You in the Culture

We handpick the accommodations to immerse you deeper into the local culture. From palaces to yurts — your experience is made all the more authentic by the places you stay. The remoteness of some destinations may entail fewer creature comforts than a typical A&K luxury journey would afford, but the luxury of location is well worth the trade-off.

Featured Limited Edition Small Group Journeys

Group of 1815 days, from AU$13,995
Brazil: A Cultural Odyssey - A Limited Edition Small Group Journey (2020)

Welcome to Brazil where vibrant cultures meet hypnotic rhythms and where natural wonders range from beautiful coastlines and tropical forest to thundering waterfalls.

Group15 days, from AU$13,995
Group of 1817 days, from AU$13,990
Sacred Lands: Northern India & Nepal - A Limited Edition Small Group Journey (2020)

Spellbinding and spiritual in equal measure, India has a magnetic attraction which you’ll experience on this unique journey from Delhi through the northern state of Uttar Pradesh across the Gangetic plain and into neighbouring Nepal.

Group17 days, from AU$13,990
Group of 1012 days, from AU$15,990
A Naturalist’s Guide to Madagascar with Charlie Gardner - A Limited Edition Small Group Journey (2020)

Curious and other-worldly, Madagascar is full of surprises and extraordinary creatures. It has people, wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on earth and a culture far removed from any of its near neighbours.

Group12 days, from AU$15,990
Group of 1811 days, from AU$12,990
South Korea & Taiwan: Cultural Encounters - A Limited Edition Small Group Journey (2020)

This unique journey visits two of Asia’s most surprising destinations. Both South Korea and Taiwan are relative newcomers to the luxury travel scene with a host of fascinating natural and cultural highlights.

Group11 days, from AU$12,990

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