Capri Palace Hotel & Spa

Located in the heart of charming and authentic Anacapri. Capri Palace Hotel & Spa is just steps away from the centre of the village with panoramic views of the sea and the Gulf of Naples.

On an island that exudes glamour you would be hard-pressed to find a hotel that is more dazzlingly luxurious than the Capri Palace. Located in a quiet region of Anacapri, away from the tourists and situated in the most authentic part of the island, the resort is just steps away from the centre of the village with panoramic views of the sea and the Gulf of Naples. Both inside and out you’ll find architectural details that recall the refined elegance of a bygone era, with arches, vaults and columns which display the character of the Neapolitan palace that dates back to the 1700’s. The 72 rooms and suites are typically lavish, and we love the Capritouch suites which display influences of the island, with white and blue décor and handmade ceramic floors. The 15 suites are elegantly furnished and some benefit from private pools and gardens, decorated in contemporary style with impeccable attention to details. Some are named in tribute to movie stars considered fashion icons, such as Paltrow, Monroe, Callas and Hepburn, while others are dedicated to great artists such as Mondian, Mirò, Kandinsky, Magritte and Warhol, the latter features a stunning painted private pool.

The Capri Beauty Farm, located at the Palace, is a spa of international fame: frequently receiving the accolade for the best medical spa in the world. The spa can put together packages depending on the duration of your stay, from spa essentials to programmes that are specifically designed to trim and tone legs and thighs at The Leg School, which includes medicated cold mud, drainage massages and vascular therapy.

You’ll not tire of the dining options at the Palace: home to two Michelin-starred establishments – Il Riccio with one star and L’Olivo with two – and Ragu, a traditional Caprese bistrot, there’s plenty on offer to satisfy an array of desires. A room dedicated to desserts? Why not. A wine cellar with over 1,000 labels? Of course. Throughout the season, the cellar becomes a venue for wine tastings, offering prestigious vintages, great chefs and renowned producers.

Why we like it

  • Located in Anacapri, the most authentic part of the island, with fewer tourists
  • Il Riccio is the only Michelin-starred beach club in the world
  • Two-Michelin star restaurant L’Olivo is perfect for a romantic dinner, lit only by candles
  • Take a tour of the hotel to view over 40 pieces of art
  • Home to a boutique that will make sandals, loafers or ballerina pumps for you: choose your leather, have your feet measured to ensure the perfect fit and even customise with Swarovski crystals

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