United Arab Emirates

Steeped in the ancient culture and heritage of Arabia, the strong tradition of desert hospitality lives on in the genuine warmth and friendliness that welcomes any visitor.

Nowhere is the mingling of past and present more evident than in United Arab Emirates' cosmopolitan city of Dubai – the starting point for many UAE luxury holidays. Gleaming skyscrapers and shopping malls jostle for position with Arab souks, mosques and wind towers in the most well known of the seven individual Emirates that make up the country.

See traditional architecture in religious buildings such as the multidomes Grand Mosque, boasting the tallest minaret in the area, or in traditional wind towers open on all four sides to catch the breeze which is then channelled down a central shaft to the room below.

Best Time to Travel
From October to April the weather is sunny and warm with occasional strong winds and sandstorms. Summers are very hot and from May to September daytime temperatures are rarely below 40 degrees C with humidity upto 90%. The little rainfall there is, usually comes sometime from January to March, however this can sometimes result in areas of flooding

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The hotel's 302 superbly appointed rooms and suites offer a combination of traditional luxury and modern functionality.

Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf

Inspired by the traditional courtyard summer houses of old Arabia, these standalone two-storey houses offer an exquisitely designed hideaway.