Why Travel with A&K

Over 60 years of inspiring travel experiences

Abercrombie & Kent pioneered the luxury adventure over 60 years ago. Today we are the world’s undisputed leader in luxury travel, offering an uncompromising combination of exclusivity, comfort and authenticity on all seven continents. Rest assured that when you travel with A&K you’ll be taken to the very heart of a destination in extraordinary style and comfort, with authentic local insight, unforgettable experiences and encounters, and exclusive access privileges.

Our People

Every aspect of every journey with A&K has been orchestrated, developed and fine-tuned with precision and flexibility by our people. This network of more than 2,500 travel experts in more than 55 offices in over 30 countries works enthusiastically to design adventures, down to the last detail, that you won’t be able to undertake with any other tour provider.

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Unrivalled Access, Insights & Immersion

With an extensive network of local guides and experts in the destinations we travel to, A&K is uniquely positioned to provide you with the exclusive insider experiences and cultural encounters that you simply won’t find with other travel companies. So, whether you want to discover the secrets of the Pyramids with your own Egyptologist or taste beguiling street treats with a local Kolkata foodie, our experts know just how to make it happen.


Expert Local Guides

It is often said that a guide can make or break a special journey. We agree. A&K’s guides are the best in the world and deliver superlative experiences in every destination. All are blessed with extensive knowledge and the ability to bring local attractions to life. Multilingual and well-travelled, each possesses insight into diverse attractions and cultural interactions throughout the region, enlightening you in every locale with insider information that adds depth to your journey.

Your Health and Safety

With experience comes excellence and reliability, and with A&K this translates to peace of mind and security. The health and safety of our guests is always our priority. Our extensive global network allows us to keep abreast of local dynamics and developments, at all times. If unexpected events occur, A&K has resources at the ready to ensure your welfare.

Responsible Tourism & Sustainability

At A&K, we are committed to responsible and ethical tourism. We understand that tourism has the potential to enrich, but also threaten, the fabric and spirit of fragile destinations and, therefore, consider it our duty to help protect the natural and cultural heritage of the places our guests travel to. Through the work of A&K Philanthropy, we support sustainable projects which help give local people a personal economic interest in preserving the unique qualities of their habitat and environment.


Personal Service

Our Journey Designers are all passionate travellers and meticulous planners. The service they provide is highly personalised and tailored specifically to your travel needs. One trusted expert handles your booking from start to finish and is available round-the-clock to work with you on fine tuning and delivering your ideal holiday.

Council of Australian Tour Operators

A&K is a proud member of the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO). CATO is the representative body for wholesale tour operators who supply travel and tour packages to domestic and international destinations and membership is a hallmark of competence and integrity.

We value your privacy

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