Experience the exoticism of Arabia, Africa and Europe on a luxury tour of Turkey

Turkey is a history book laid bare.

Walk down the streets of Izmir, Ankara or Istanbul and curious tales fall loose from timeworn bindings. For a story that enshrines 10,000 years, it’s not a quick one nor would you want it to be.

Bordered by seven countries and embraced by three seas, Turkey’s geography inevitably puts it on a collision course. People, education, culture and innovation have travelled from earth’s four corners to blossom in Anatolia. Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, European crusaders and the sons of the Ottoman Empire fought and died to call Turkey home. Each wave forever etched upon Turkish culture.

Travel with Abercrombie & Kent into the heart of Turkey where expert guides take guests to fascinating sites and behind the scenes to more private affairs. Live like a sultan in luxury accommodation and embrace your inner-explorer as you visit archaeological sites – palpable fragments of long extinct empires. Our travel experts are on hand to offer essential travel advice including where to go and when to go. Are you ready to dream up your very own Turkish delight?


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Continent Europe
Language Turkish
Capital Ankara
Population 84,428,331
Area 783,562 km²
Currency Turkish lira

When to Go

Turkey is often considered a summer holiday destination but spring and autumn reward travellers with mild temperatures and unique events.

Turkey is in full bloom during the month of May, making it one of the most special times to visit. Fruit and vegetable harvests and wildflowers ripple across the fertile land. Days are long and temperatures are moderate. It’s the perfect time for discovering sites like Ephesus and Aphrodisias, which require walking without much shade. It’s also an ideal time to explore the gardens and parks of Istanbul. The Tulip Festival blossoms across the city in April and the dawn service at Gallipoli is a moving commemoration held on the 25th each year.

Enjoy a pleasant warmth that is ideal for touring ancient sites from September to October. It’s a busy season for Istanbul and Cappadocia, while coastal towns tend to be quieter despite the water still being warm and inviting. If you do travel in summer (June to August), the opposite is true. Istanbul is deserted while the stretches of sand alongside the Mediterranean, Aegean and the Black Sea are writhing with Turks and tourists soaking up the hot sun.

More Information About A&K's Turkey

Discover a heady concoction of cultural diversity on a luxury tour of Turkey

Turkey has over 40,000 significant sites to explore and you can do it with Abercrombie & Kent on a handcrafted bespoke journey or as part of a luxury small group. From the vibrant culture of Istanbul to the enduring memories of Gallipoli, a luxury journey in Turkey will awaken mixed emotions: excitement, empathy and deep satisfaction to name a few. The rich esoteric stories and modern way of life offer an endless source of awe and wonder. It’s one of those places you have to remind yourself to lift your jaw up off the floor.

Turkey is a tapestry of culture and history
Embarking on a tour in Istanbul, there are constant reminders of a nation divided and conquered. A ferry ride on the Bosphorus – which literally cuts Turkey in two – meanders along the continental border of Europe and Asia. It’s no different on land. Two enigmatic structures stand guard on either end of a crowded square. One Greek Orthodox and the other Islamic Ottoman. Known more commonly as the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

Explore ancient monuments & markets
Turkey’s largest city, formerly Byzantium and Constantinople, is brimming with fine examples of architecture and art across the ages. Despite the many UNESCO World Heritage sites, buildings and museums are not the only places where history dwells. Markets have been the heartbeat of this trading nation since time immemorial. Strolling through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul today is like a mirage of a time gone by.

The cacophony of trader’s yells, the clang of hammers, the chatter of locals: the bazaar is exhilarating. Intoxicating aromas ascend from pyramids of African and Middle Eastern spices. And when you least expect it, the market achieves the impossible: it brings people together. Beyond history’s scars, diverse cultures have melded here into something uniquely Turkish.

Take to the streets and the skies
Outside of Istanbul, Turkey has plenty to see and do with activities to suit the energetic and sedate traveller alike. Bargain for crafts in sprawling bazaars. Sip coffee in alfresco cafés. Stare out at the Mediterranean Sea from one of the southern coast’s idyllic beaches. Explore Greek ruins at Ephesus and Pergamum. Discover palaces and mosques built for sultans. And of course, no trip to Turkey would be complete without a visit to the otherworldly Cappadocia - a fairytale land of volcanic chimney formations best viewed from a hot air balloon.

Turkey's Highlights

  • Barter for goods at Istanbul’s oldest and largest market, the Grand Bazaar
  • Enjoy a guided walking tour of the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace
  • Visit a traditional coffee roastery to experience Turkey’s unique brewing method
  • See Istanbul from a fresh perspective onboard a ferry on the Bosphorus
  • Marvel at the extraordinary ancient Greek city of Ephesus
  • Stay in a boutique hotel carved into the rocky mountainside
  • Fly over Cappadocia at sunrise in a hot air balloon

Luxury accommodation in Turkey

Abercrombie & Kent has been redesigning luxury travel for over half a century. We’ve got high standards when it comes to discovering the perfect accommodation partners to compliment every journey. In Turkey, we’ve found exquisite luxury hotels with exotic touches that emanate the rich culture of the country.

Four Seasons Sultanahmet
Location, location, location. Situated in the heart of Istanbul’s old city, this luxury hotel is a moment’s stroll from the most famous sights. Most notably, the Hagia Sophia is perched in full view of the hotel’s plush terrace bar – you can almost reach out and touch it. Pointed arched windows and decorative tiles paint a picture of Turkish Neoclassicism. Interiors are subdued and welcoming with soft fabrics and warm light. Marble bathrooms add another layer of decadence. The hotel’s restaurants offer international and Turkish cuisine, but with the location, it’s very tempting to explore local eateries.

Argos In Cappadocia
Once a monastery and a caravanserai, the boutique hotel is a spellbinding cave of wonders. The impressive boutique hotel sits on the highest ground in Cappadocia. Terraces give ample space to soak up the views. Many of the rooms have been carved from underground tunnels. Natural stone, antique furniture and indulgent touches like open fireplaces or plunge pools encourage you to settle in. The restaurant serves local and international dishes both indoors and alfresco. Mealtimes are accompanied by incredible views and the property’s own wine.

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