North America

The United States of America and Canada are such vast countries, both geographically and culturally, that it is impossible for any amount of words to do them justice.

Since the first pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower, people have been flocking to North America and with good reason. With 50 US states and ten Canadian provinces to choose from - multicultural vibrant cities and open plains, mountains and deserts, natural landscapes, unique wildlife, the ultramodern and the historical - a North American journey really does offer it all.

North America Countries

Featured North America Journeys

Group of 188 days, from US$6,795
Luxury Small Group Journey - Family Alaska (2017)

Share a Portage River float trip, cruise through Kenai Fjords National Park, learn about Alaskan huskies and Iditarod dogsledding, sight bears and marine wildlife, and land on a glacier during a flight over Denali National Park.

Group8 days, from US$6,795
Group of 248 days, from US$4,995
Connections Group North America: Canadian Rockies (2017)

Discover Alberta’s bright blue lakes, endless mountains and wildlife, experiencing epic hikes, floats and adventurous drives

Group8 days, from US$4,995
Group of 1810 days, from US$7,995
Luxury Small Group Journey - Family Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons (2017)

Explore the Big Sky backcountry as a family, riding horseback with real Montana cowboys, visiting Yellowstone National Park to watch for grizzly bears and see Old Faithful erupt, and rafting the rapids of the wild Snake River.

Group10 days, from US$7,995
Group of 1811 days, from US$8,995
Luxury Small Group Journey - Family Grand Canyon & Southwest National Parks (2017)

Experience the iconic landscapes and geological wonders of six national parks, riding horseback in Bryce Canyon, whitewater rafting on the Colorado River and sharing kid-friendly activities led by an A&K Young Explorers Guide.

Group11 days, from US$8,995


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