Art & Architecture

Feast your eyes on some of the world’s most stunning aesthetic creations.

If art is the language of emotion, then architecture is the body it lives in; both can transform, illuminate and inspire.

Let us take you on journeys through millennia to appreciate the human race’s most beautiful and captivating accomplishments.

Picture yourself pattering through St Mark’s Basilica at night — blissfully free of the crowds — as your guide leads the way by candlelight. Sharing ideas with the curator of Cape Town’s Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art as they deconstruct the entire pan-African collection. Or perusing Buenos Aires’s microcosm of street art.

Come with us to explore humanity’s greatest art and architectural marvels.

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Decades of in-country expertise means our Journey Designers can curate exceptional activities and experiences for you that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Piece these together as a framework for your own bespoke adventure or find them in our featured journeys.

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