Discover cultural riches, tropical jungles, sandy beaches and azure seas in the world’s largest archipelago.

This chain of volcanic islands to the north of Australia stretches 5,000 kilometres from east to west with natural attractions mirroring its rich cultural diversity.

Each island has its own character with tropical Bali one of the most popular for surfers, beachgoers, foodies and shoppers. Venturing inland, you’ll discover a rich art and craft scene in Ubud as well as hidden temples, fast-flowing rivers, lush rice paddies, coffee plantations and jungle adventures aplenty. Bali's beautiful and lesser-known neighbour is Lombok, where rice terraces, intriguing temples, ancient palaces and unspoilt beaches all await. From Lombok it’s just a short boat trip to the Gili Islands known for their white sand, vivid waters and spectacular diving opportunities. Volcano strewn Java is home to Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple which dates to the 8th century. And within the tropical waters of the Coral Triangle further east are thousands of species of fish, coral and marine mammals making this area an extraordinary hub of biodiversity. The Komodo National Park encompasses some 29 volcanic islands and is home to approximately 2,500 Komodo Dragons, the world’s largest lizard.

The remote Raja Ampat archipelago of West Papua comprises over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals and for underwater enthusiasts, boasts one of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems. To the east, Sulawesi’s massive coastline is fringed with sandy beaches where a mind-boggling variety of fish dwell. Inland its fertile landscapes are shaped by steep mountains and deep valleys cut by rushing rivers. Culturally, the island is known for the unique traditions of the Toraja people whose funeral rites are especially intriguing.

On an A&K journey to Indonesia you’ll bypass the crowds and discover the lesser known corners of this fascinating island nation by land and by sea.

Decades of in-country expertise means our Journey Designers can curate exceptional activities and experiences for you that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Piece these together as a framework for your own bespoke adventure or find them in our featured journeys.


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Continent Asia
Language Indonesian
Capital Jakarta
Population 273,792,569
Area 1,904,569 km²
Currency Indonesian rupiah

When to Go

Indonesia has a tropical climate with two long seasons: the dry (April to October) and the monsoon (November to March). It enjoys hot and humid temperatures year-round with the warmer, drier season between June and November. During the wet season, roads can be blocked or washed away and some islands can be inaccessible. June and July can be busy with local holiday makers.

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Abercrombie & Kent partners with an exclusive selection of luxury hoteliers, cruises and local operators in Indonesia. And we’ve been redefining luxury travel for nearly 60 years so that you experience only the best on your special journey.

This kind of unencumbered insight into the authentic heart and soul of a place — to the people and sites that exist far beyond the reach of the average traveller — is something we pride ourselves on and ensure we deliver on every journey we create.

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