This bike-friendly kingdom boasts epic coastal landscapes, impressive museums, some of Europe’s finest dining and an impeccable Scandi design ethos.

Like most of Scandinavia, Denmark’s landscape is defined by its water and its many islands – each with its own distinctive character.

There are three main landmasses – the islands of Zealand and Funen and the peninsula of Jutland, which extends northwards from Germany. Most visitors head for Zealand, where the capital, Copenhagen, is located. Funen’s main claim to fame is Odense, former home of Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark’s most famous writer, as well as its charming villages and sandy beaches. Jutland’s landscapes are beautiful, but rugged, with endless white beaches, sand dunes, cliffs, heathland and forests plus two of Denmark’s most lively cities, Aalborg and Århus, Europe’s 2017 Capital of Culture.

Copenhagen is a vibrant city with a beautiful old centre, an amazing array of museums and some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. It is compact and largely given over to pedestrians (and cyclists) with quirky street art, a lively café culture, indulgent bakeries and a happening nightlife.

Culturally, Denmark has a wonderful musical heritage, an efficient transport infrastructure and an impeccable design ethos making it one of the northern Europe’s most fascinating destinations. Visitors are warmly welcomed by locals who impart their own style of cosy hospitality, known as hygge.

When to Go

Copenhagen attracts visitors year-round but the best time to visit Denmark is generally between May and August when the days are at their longest, temperatures are mild and the countryside is in full bloom. Autumn is a lovely time to visit when the leaves are turning and the trees put on a golden show.


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Continent Europe
Language Danish
Capital Copenhagen
Population 5,794,334
Area 42,933 km²
Currency Danish krone

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