Discover white-washed islands, ancient relics and ruins, and a Mediterranean feast down every sun-drenched road.

Spectacular and multilayered, Greece is an enchanting destination with a bounty of cultural, historical and culinary riches. This is indeed the cradle of western civilisation, where the forefathers of philosophy changed the course of western thought forever. You’ve heard about the Parthenon, Santorini and Olympia, but there’s another side to this ancient marvel. A new vitality is appearing out of the books of antiquity, as Greece embraces its steadfast modernity.

Europe’s oldest city, Athens, is a dazzling knockout — where street art, chic cafes and creative eateries dot the urban landscape. Beautiful winding streets of pastel-hued architecture and fruiting citrus trees draw your gaze toward the enormous Acropolis, mythical and resplendent on the hill. To see the ancient citadel with your very own eyes and learn about its 2500 years of epic history is simply unforgettable.

No trip to Greece would be complete without cruising the sapphire waters of the Aegean, blessed by the gods. Witness every shade of indigo dappled with perfect whitewashed islands — each with the ability to steep you in tranquillity and satisfy your soul. Recline on beaches of every colour, from gold to red to black, sip sundowners under some of the greatest sunsets on Earth and listen out for the faint sound of Rembetika folk music drifting through the streets.

Greece will bewitch any traveller, from archaeology buffs to beachgoers, to culinary and wine lovers. A luxury journey with Abercrombie & Kent will ensure you skip the queues, avoid the crowds, and experience the culture at its most authentic, savouring the best Medi-grecian cuisine as you go. Enjoy an immersive European adventure into the myths and marvels of Hellenic history, and allow this charismatic nation to grace you with all the good things in life. Greece really does have it all.


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Continent Europe
Language Greek
Capital Athens
Population 10,417,396
Area 131,957 km²
Currency Euro

When to Go

Greece enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate which makes travel between May and October particularly pleasant.

After winter’s hibernation, the islands begin to spring to life in May. Mild weather and fewer crowds reveal Greece at its most authentic.

The peak travel season, June to August, is sun-filled, dry, and warm. Long days are perfect for island hopping, cooling dips in idyllic waters, and lazy beach days. Temperatures rise to around 30°- 38°C but usually cool off in the evenings – perfect for those alfresco dinners.

Edging out of summer, mid-September to October, temperatures begin to fall, as do the crowds. The calm and balmy weather makes exploring cities all the more enjoyable. Hike to incredible viewpoints, devour long lunches, and visit wineries under a soft autumnal sun.

More Information About A&K's Greece

Experience the best of Greece on a luxury tour with A&K

Uncover the secrets of ancient ruins and soak up captivating history in world-famous museums. Visit pristine beaches that tumble into deep blue seas teeming with dolphins and turtles. Dine on classic Greek food in city restaurants, charming taverns, and fishing villages to understand why it’s one of the world’s favourite cuisines.

History alive
Crumbling ruins and well-preserved wonders paint a 4,000-year old picture of Greek history. Hear the whispers of ancient mythology as you explore thrilling archaeological sites. Visit Olympia, a sanctuary dedicated to the worship of Zeus; Delphi, where the spirit of Apollo entered the oracle; and Mycenae, the home of Agamemnon, destroyer of Troy. Find something awe-inspiring around every corner: UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Acropolis museum, Byzantine churches, and the monasteries of Meteora to name but a few.

Natural treasures
Greece is home to a plethora of beautiful sandy beaches and spectacular mountains. The natural landscape makes it possible for scenic strolls and epic hikes, gentle swims and thrilling dives. The Aegean's ever-changing cerulean hues roll from light to dark with each passing wave. White sand bays speckled with rusted shipwrecks offer iconic backdrops to a sailing adventure. Olive groves and fruit orchards bloom in idyllic villages. Lush forests morph into volcanic terrain. The diverse natural treasures of Greece provide a tranquil escape for all.

Hellenic flavours
The most ancient element of Greek food is olive oil. Olive trees are scattered across the country, their olives and oil forming the foundation of most Greek dishes. Like other Mediterranean diets, traditional meals tend to be well-balanced with a mix of fresh vegetables and salads; fish, chicken and lamb; and a healthy portion of wine. Classic dips like taramasalata (fish roe), tzatziki (yoghurt and cucumber), and melitzanosalata (eggplant) are a mainstay of the Greek table. While saganaki, octopus and just about anything wrapped in filo pastry have become synonymous with Greek cuisine. All you need do is dig in.

Greece's highlights

  • Experience the diversity of Greece in a single itinerary that spans Knossos in Crete, Rhodes, Santorini and lively Mykonos
  • Visit some of the most renowned wonders of the ancient world, including the Acropolis, Parthenon and Palace of Knossos
  • Sample fabled Santorini wines during an exclusive excursion led by a wine expert
  • Learn the secrets to Greek cuisine at a private in-home cooking class in Oropos
  • Stroll through the Minoan Bronze Age settlement of Akrotiri (reputed to be Atlantis), admiring its beautiful frescoes

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